Hydrosols -- or Distillates as they are often called -- are the natural "plant waters" or "floral waters" that are produced during steam distillation or hydro-distillation. Hydrosols are wonderful in natural skin care products and can also be used in aromatherapy. To be classified as a distillate or as a hydrosol, these "plant waters" MUST be distilled from botanical material. In the recent past, distillate water was considered the by-product of essential oil production and was discarded. More recently, these pure distillate waters - also called hydrosols - have been recognized for their own inherent characteristics and qualities. Hydrosols typically represent the water-soluble constituents of the botanical with some volatile components such as the essential oils. Depending on the botanical and the season harvested, our hydrosols contain varying amounts of essential oil.

At The Herbarie, we distill the botanical for the sole purpose of obtaining a quality distillate or hydrosol. The Herbarie hydrosols and distillates are not a by-product of essential oil production.

The majority of our Hydrosols are obtained from our own plants and flowers or from native plants that are gathered from our woods and fields. Our plants and flowers are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. All are harvested with care. Some of our hydrosols are distilled from Organic Certified botanicals from other sources.

We utilize both hydro-distillation and steam distillation technique to obtain our high quality hydrosols or distillates. The Herbarie's Hydrosols are available on a seasonal and limited basis.

For the safety of our customers, we preserve our hydrosols. Our hydrosols are preserved with Leucidal Liquid SF. We routinely conduct microbial testing and guarantee our Hydrosols are all within specifications. The Herbarie's Hydrosols are for external use only.

For more information about Hydrosol Safety, please read this article by Martin Watt that is provided with his permission:

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We accept prepaid orders for custom-distillation for hydrosols when the botanicals are in season. Please contact us for more information.

Hydrosols and distillates can be used directly on skin unless otherwise specified. They can also be used as the entire water phase many lotions and creams and they are excellent as facial toners. Hydrosols make a valuable contribution to almost any natural skin care or hair care product.

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