Rose Petals/Flowers - Organically Grown

Rose Petals/Flowers  - Organically Grown
The Herbarie Rose Petals/Flowers - Organically Grown.

The rose, with its fragrance and beauty, is very often considered the queen of flowers. Fresh and dried rose petals have been traditionally used in medicine, perfume, cosmetics, potpourri, and skin care for many, many years.

The Herbarie's Antique roses are grown organically on our farm. We use them for herbal teas and tea blends and also for cosmetics and toiletries.

Our Rose Petals/Flowers are a lovely mix of several different varieties and colors including true tea, damask, bourbon, china, noisette, and hybrid musk. Our blend includes petals and may include some small blossoms.

Please note that one ounce by weight will equal approximately 4 cups in volume

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