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Dried Botanicals & Herbs

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Chamomile (German) Flowers
Chamomile (German) Flowers
SKU: ChamomileFlowers1lb
Chamomilla Matricaria recutita Chamomilla Matricaria is commonly known as German Chamomile. Our Chamomilla Mitricaria is from Egypt. The Egyptians dedicated chamomile to the sun and worshipped it above all other herbs for its healing properties and Greek physicians used it for fevers. Today there...
Priced from: $14.00

Lavender Flowers
Lavender Flowers
SKU: LavenderFlowers_8oz
Lavandula Augustifolia The fresh, clean scent of lavender has been a favorite for centuries. Derived from the Latin lavare "to wash", lavender was used by the Greeks and Romans as a favorite bathwater additive. The soothing and antiseptic qualities make lavender useful in all skin care. The scent is...
Priced from: $9.75

Olive Leaf Powder - Organic Certified
Olive Leaf Powder - Organic Certified
SKU: OliveLeafPowder_1lb
(Olea europaea) Excellent source for polyphenols. Very finely ground powder makes an elegant antioxidant facial mask or scrub.
Priced from: $19.00

Orange Peel Powder  -Organic Certified
Orange Peel Powder -Organic Certified
SKU: OrangPlPdr1lb
(Citrus sinensis) Finely ground powder. Perfect for use in scrubs. Can be used for infusions or other toiletries.
Priced from: $19.00

Rose Hips Powder - Organic Certified
Rose Hips Powder - Organic Certified
SKU: RoseHipsPdr_1lb
Rose Hips Powder (Rosa canina) organic is an excellent source of Vitamin C, tannin, pectin, carotene, fruit acids. Rose Hips Powder can be used to make nutritious herbal teas and tea blends. Rose Hips Powder can also be used in skin care products.
Priced from: $17.75

Rose Petals/Flowers  - Organically Grown
Rose Petals/Flowers - Organically Grown
SKU: RosePetals_1oz
The Herbarie Rose Petals/Flowers - Organically Grown. The rose, with its fragrance and beauty, is very often considered the queen of flowers. Fresh and dried rose petals have been traditionally used in medicine, perfume, cosmetics, potpourri, and skin care for many, many years.
Priced from: $10.50

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