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Oils & Emollients - Water Soluble or Dispersible

The Herbarie's water soluble natural oils and emollients can be used in shampoo, body wash, shower gel, facial cleansers, baby products, and creams and lotions. Some of our water soluble oils and emollients can also serve as emulsifiers and solubilizers for sprayable products such as body mist. Each of the water soluble oils and emollients offer slightly different functionality. Specific information can be found under each product description.

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SKU: AquaEm_1oz
The Herbarie's AquaEmâ„¢ is a multifunctional, water-soluble solubilizer and oil dispersible emollient for both body and hair care! This high performance natural source ingredient is based on coconut fatty acids. AquaEmâ„¢ will function as a solubilizer and emollient in aqueous systems to...
Priced from: $5.75

Cromollient SCE
Cromollient SCE
SKU: SCE_4oz
NOW IN STOCK! Cromollient SCE offers unique emolliency to products such as body wash, shampoo, facial cleansers, and dispersible bath oils. Cromollient SCE is particularly useful as a solubilizer for fragrance and essential oil.
Priced from: $8.50

Olive Oil PEG 7 Esters
Olive Oil PEG 7 Esters
SKU: OliveE_4oz
New and exciting from the ancient and noble olive tree! The precious qualities of olive oil are offered in one multifunctional ingredient. Olive Oil PEG 7 Esters are water soluble and provide outstanding emolliency and conditioning with virtually any product---lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners,...
Priced from: $9.95

Raspberry Dimethicone WS
Raspberry Dimethicone WS
SKU: RaspDimethWS_1oz
Raspberry Dimethicone WS - The silky, emolliency of dimethicone in a water-soluble product! This unique water soluble silicone is based on cold pressed Raspberry Oil. Raspberry Dimethicone WS is excellent in so many different applications such as, gentle facial cleansers, clear gel shampoo, body...
Priced from: $6.50