Emulsifiers-Complete for Creams & Lotions

Emulsifiers-Complete for Creams & Lotions

Complete Emulsifiers are perfect for making creams, lotions and other Oil in Water emulsions. We offer specific guidelines for formulating with each of these Complete Emulsifiers. Please refer to our Product Descriptions and online Formulary for details. The Herbarie offers the best in Natural Source, Plant Based, Biodegradable, non-ethoxylated Complete Emulsifiers. Our line of natural source Complete Emulsifiers includes SugarMulse, PlantaMulse Pastilles, PlantaMulse Plus, Olivem 1000, NatraMulse, and Xyliance. These vegetable derived Complete Emulsifiers are multifunctional and will create beautiful, elegant Oil in Water emulsions that are good for skin. The Herbarie introduced BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier to homecrafters in 2000. BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier is a vegetable-oil-source, cationic Complete Emulsifier. BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier will create stable emulsions with a soft conditioned after-feel. Polawax and EmBlend CA20 - also known as "ewax" - are the nonionic, ethoxylated "standards" for creating stable and economical o/w creams and lotions with an excellent afterfeel. EMT Polymer is an outstanding synthetic polymer that can be used to create stable and elegant cold process o/w emulsions. EMT Polymer is easy to use and multifunctional. The Herbarie's extensive line of Complete Emulsifiers offers the best for making creams, lotions and other Oil in Water emulsions. Please refer to our Product Descriptions and Formulary for specific guidelines.

For specific product information, please refer to our Product Specifications and Typical Analysis listed on our product pages. Certificates of Analysis per batch can be provided upon request for raw materials purchased in production quantities. However, since a Certificate of Analysis is only valid for a specific batch or lot, we cannot provide a certificate of analysis for quantities less than one pound. 

There are always slight variations in specific analysis that occur from manufacturing each batch or lot, but each product batch must be within the specifications outlined in the typical analysis. We guarantee our customers that all products sold are within specifications.

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