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SCI Pearl Surfactant

SCI Pearl Surfactant

SCI Pearl offers dense, luxurious lather and leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned after rinse off. SCI Pearl is an easy to use, buttery form of the mild, anionic primary surfactant sodium cocoyl isethionate. With a low melting point (50-60C), SCI Pearl is much easier to disperse into water than SCI 85% Flake or Noodle.

Formulating Guidelines:
-Can be combined with one or more of our other surfactants (SMC Taurate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, DLS Mild, Plantapon, Coco Silky Cleanse, etc.). When used at 20% or greater will yield creamy/pearly/opaque product. Lower percentages will yield clear product. Heat together with water to melt point (about 120F), stirring to incorporate. See Formulary for more information.

This coconut derived, biodegradable surfactant can be used to create elegant and mild shampoo, body wash, facial cleansers and other personal care products.

-Mild to skin and eyes
-Excellent foamer in hard or soft water
-Imparts a soft afterfeel to skin or hair
-Based on fatty acids from natural, renewable coconut oil
-Easy to use paste form
-50% Activity
-Contains 5.0-8.5% free fatty acid
-pH 10% solution @ 35C: 6.2-7.2
-Yields opaque, creamy, and pearly products at higher percentages
-Yields clear products when used at lower percentages
-Can be used for solid cleansing bars

INCI Name: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

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