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PlantaSol CCG

PlantaSol CCG
PlantaSol CCG is a glucolipidic (sugar-based), PEG-free - non-ethoxylated product with high solubilizing power for essential oils and fragrance oils. PlantaSol CCG is compatible with high surfactant systems and cationics and is tolerant of salts and alkaline systems such as liquid soap.

PlantaSol CCG is an excellent solubilizer for essential oils or fragrance oils into high surfactant systems such as shampoo or body wash. PlantaSol works very well with all surfactants, but is particularly suited to those in the akyl polyglucoside family. PlantaSol CCG will boost foaming and will work synergistically within some systems to build viscosity.

PlantaSol CCG can serve as a key ingredient in make-up remover formulas or gentle facial cleansers.

PlantaSol CCG can be used to replace, or partially replace, Polysorbate 20 and other solubilizers in essential oil or fragrance oil spray mist products. Begin with 1/1 ratio, can increase up to 1/10 ratio.

PlantaSol CCG can be used as a co-emulsifier in leave-on products such as lotions and creams.

This nonionic, vegetable derived solubilizer is perfect for formulations that strive for as natural as can be.

INCI Name: Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside

General Recommended Use: 1% - 10%

Physical Form: Viscous, clear to yellow liquid

Solids: 58.0-62.0%

Viscosity: 700-1100 cp

Nonionic surfactant

Water Soluble

Natural Vegetable Source

Price: $10.50
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