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Please note: Geogard® Ultra is a Lonza trademark for Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate. The Herbarie is now offering this material as MicroGuard.

For more information, please read: Lonza Letter and The Herbarie Response

MicroGuard/Geogard Ultra can be used as the primary preservative in some formulas. However, this ingredient is most useful as part of a "preservative system" that utilizes "hurdle technology".

MicroGuard has global regulatory acceptance, MicroGuard can be used in cosmetic products that are marketed in major markets around the world: Europe, Japan, North America and South America.

● Multi-functional
● Globally accepted

INCI Name: Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate

Recommended Usage: 0.75% - 2.0%

-Gluconolactone 70-80%
-Sodium Benzoate 22-28%
-Water 1% max

-Appearance: Free Flowing, white powder
-Stability: Very stable over time in closed container
-Activity: 99%
-Odor: Mild
-Bulk Density: 0.74% g/cc
-Solubility: Water soluble

Formulating Guidelines
-pH: Effective at acidic pH - most effective at pH less than 5.0
-Compounding procedures: Can be added to water phase with heat but will destabilize some emulsions. It may be best to make a solution to be added at cool-down.
-All formulations will vary and must be tested to accurately determine microbial efficacy.

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Sorbitan Oleate
Cera Bellina
Organza Bag - Green (5 pack)
Sorbitan Oleate Cera Bellina Organza Bag - Green (5 pack)