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AbOil Abyssinian Oil Abyssinian Oil is lovely and light with an exquisite skin feel! This natural oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, but is very stable against heat breakdown and is highly resistant to oxidation. Abyssinian Oil has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring oil. Composition • Palmitic 1.0-4.0% • Palmitoleic 0.1-0.5% • Stearic 0.5-2.0% • Oleic 10.0-25.0% • Linoleic 7.0-15.0% • Linolenic 2.0-5.0% • Arachidic 0.5-2.0% • Eicosenoic 2.0-6.0% • Eicosadienoic 0.0-4% • Behenic 1.0-3.0% • Erucic 50.0-65.0% • Lignoceric 0.0-1.0% Abyssinian Oil is perfect in creams, lotions, lipstick, lip gloss, foundations and will impart silky conditioning without greasiness. Abyssinian Oil provides a natural luster and an emollient feeling to hair care products. Physical Characteristics Appearance: Clear Yellow Liquid INCI Name: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil Recommended Usage: 1%-100% Abyssinian Oil has not been tested on animals and is non-GMO derived.
ArganOil Argan Oil Argan oil is a clear, amber colored oil produced from the kernels of the Argan Tree. Argan Oil is valued for its use in cosmetics and toiletries. Argan Oil has demonstrated antiaging characteristics and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This nourishing oil can improve skin elasticity and overall vitality. Argan Oil is light and easily absorbed and will leave skin soft and supple and moisturized. Argan Oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids and is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols, phenols, phenolic acid and carotenes. This natural oil is recommended for use in both skin care and hair care. Applications include creams, lotions, serums, conditioners, and massage oils. The recommended usage rate is 1%-5% by weight of the formulation. Argan Oil is extracted using traditional cold press technique. Shelf-life should be approximately one to two years if stored away from light and heat (15C/59F – 25C/77F).
ArnicaCO2 Arnica Flower CO2 Extract - Standardized Arnica Flower has traditionally been used for external treatment of rheumatism, muscle and joint problems. Arnica Flower CO2 Extract is standardized to 2% Sesquiterpene lactones in pure, High Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil. It also contains triterpenediol esters, essential oils, waxes and resins and 0.05% Antioxidant Rosemary Extract. Arnica Flower CO2 was extracted by pure and environmentally friendly supercritical fluid (natural Carbon Dioxide) extraction technique. Recommended Usage: 0.2% - 2% Physical Form: Dark brown, at room temperature liquid product with characteristic odor INCI Name: Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (and) Arnica Montana Flower Extract Shelf-life/Storage: One year in closed pack under cool storage conditions and exclusion of light.
AvenaOatOil Avena Oat Oil Avena Oat Oil is rich in biologically active components such as tocopherols, phytosterols, phospholipids, essential fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-9. These biologically active components have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing characteristics. When used topically, Avena Oat Oil can soothe, smooth, and nourish skin and hair. Avena sativa is a member of the Poaceae, or “grasses” family. Wild oats (Avena) likely originated in Eurasia and were first cultivated (sativa) in Greece and Rome around 400BC to 1st century AD. This nutrient-rich, ancient grass is now cultivated throughout the world and valued for its many uses. While the traditional use of oats in folklore is well-established and has stood the test of time, modern science has documented their healing and soothing properties as well. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of oats and oat derivatives in skin care products.
AvocadoOil Avocado Oil Avocado Oil is a natural, cold pressed oil obtained from the fruit of the avocado (Persea gratissima). This oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, mature skin and sensitive skin. Avocado Oil is useful in hair care and can be used to conditioned and add shine to hair. Avocado Oil can be used in lotions, creams, balms, massage oils, lip balms, hair conditioners and other personal care products.
CalenExOS Calendula Extract OS The Calendula flower has been used traditionally for its many healing properties. This botanical is excellent for skin care or hair care. Calendula Extract OS can be used directly on the skin or scalp or as a part of the oil phase in a cream, lotion, massage oil, or hair conditioner.
EVCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced through a cold process extraction and smells just like fresh coconuts. It is solid at room temperature, but liquid at higher temperatures. EVCO is recommended for skin care, hair care and as a superfatting ingredient in soapmaking. Recent studies show coconut oil has superior conditioning effects on scalp and hair.
EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic Certified The ancient and noble olive tree has been cultivated since early civilization. Olive Oil is the oldest oil known to mankind and has been used traditionally in many different cultures. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained using expeller methods. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Organic Certified and GRAS. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used in lotions, creams, balms, massage oils, lip balms, hair conditioners and other personal care products.
FCO Fractionated Coconut Oil A very light, clear, non-greasy oil that is readily absorbed by skin. Since Fractionated Coconut Oil will not become rancid, it is often used as a substitute for more fragile vegetable oils. It is useful as massage oil or carrier oil for essential oils, as well as, an excellent emollient for lotions, creams, and scrubs.
JojobaOilOrganic Jojoba Oil Golden Jojoba Oil is compatible with most skin types. It is absorbed readily into the skin and is soothing and moisturizing. Jojoba oil is technically a wax and has the extra benefit of a longer shelf life than many true oils. Jojoba Oil is an excellent choice for use in lotions, creams, hair conditioners, salves, soaps.
MarulaOil Marula Oil Marula Oil The Marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea) is native to Africa and is highly valued for its fruit. Marula Oil has been used traditionally in South Africa for many years. Our high purity Marula Oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit using traditional cold-press methods and no solvents. Marula oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants which are essential components in the maintanence of healthy skin. Marula Oil is absorbed quickly and provides skin with a conditioned, soft feel. It has also been found to significantly improve skin hydration and smoothness. Marula Oil is also used in hair and scalp conditioners for rinse out and leave in applications. Due to the high mono-un-saturated content, Marula Oil demonstrates excellent oxidative stability as well. Fatty Acid % Composition of Marula Oil ● C16:0 (Palmitic) 9.0 - 12.0% ● C18:0 (Stearic) 5.0 - 8.0% ● C18:1 (Oleic) 70 - 78% ● C18:2 (Linoleic) 4.0 - 7.9% ● C18:3 (ALA) 0.1% - 0.6% ● C18:3 (GLA) 0 ● C20+ 0.5 - 0.9% Characteristics: ● Light, quickly absorbed ● Conditioned skin feel ● Excellent oxidative stability Applications: ● Skin Care products ● Antiaging products ● Baby Care products ● Hair and Scalp Care products ● Lip balm ● Balms and salves
MeadowFSOil Meadowfoam Seed Oil NEW PRICING - Meadowfoam Seed Oil is an exceptionally stable, emollient natural oil--high in naturally occurring tocopherols (Vitamin E). Perfect for a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications--body lotions and creams, body oils, hair conditioners, hand creams, and facial care.
PassionfruitOil Passionfruit Oil Passionfruit Oil is a lovely nourishing oil from Passiflora edulis which is native to tropical and semi-tropical regions. Its common names include Passion Fruit or Passionfruit (English), Maracuyá or Parcha (Spanish), Grenadille or fruit de la passion (French), and Maracujá (Portuguese). It is cultivated commercially in tropical and subtropical areas for its sweet, seedy fruit. The passion fruit is a pepo, a type of berry, round to oval, either yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. The Herbarie Passionfruit Oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids and antioxidants which are particularly useful in anti-aging formulas. Passionfruit oil is quickly absorbed into skin leaving a conditioned, non-greasy feel. Passionfruit is perfect for a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications--anti-aging formulations, body lotions and creams, body oils, hair conditioners, hand creams, and facial care.
sku product description
RBO Rice Bran Oil Rice Bran Oil is excellent for use in skin care. It is stable to oxidation and contains Vitamin-E group anti-oxidants such as Tocopherol, and Tocotrienol. Rice Bran Oil has only recently become popular in the US, but it has been used traditionally in Japan and other countries. The oil has a lovely feel in formulations.
SchisnandraFruitCO2 Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract Our Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract contains all lipohilic components extracted from the fruit of Schisandra sphenanthera using pure and environmentally friendly supercritical fluid (natural Carbon Dioxide) extraction technique. Therefore, Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract contains no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, and no heavy metals – only pure, nutrient-rich oil. Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract demonstrates anit-irritant, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties. Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract can be used in products for sensitive skin, calming lotions and creams, and baby products. It can also be used in moisturizing creams and lotions, soothing and calming formulas, and formulations to delay the signs of aging. Typical Composition: Content of Essential Oil 21.0% Volatile Compounds Himachalene 7.5% gamma Muurolen 12.4% Santalol 4.7% 14-Hydroxy-9-epi-caryophyllen 8.5% 14-Hydroxy-alpha-muurolen 13.6% Deoxyschizandrin 3.1% gamma Schizandrin 0.07% Schizandrin 0.01% Gomisin O/Isogomisn O 0.6/n.d.% Gomisin A 0.4% Deangeloylgomisin B 0.18% Content of Sitosterol 0.39% Refractive Index 1.5005% Density 0.9642% Unsaponifiables 28.9% Peroxide value Acid value 14 Saponification number 130 Ester number 116 Physical Form: Brownish, clear oil INCI Name: Schisandra Sphenanthera Fruit Extract Recommended Usage: 1.0 – 5.0% Shelf-life/Storage: One year in closed pack under cool storage conditions and exclusion of light.
SqualaneNeossance Squalane Neossance Super Sale! Neossance Squalane is highly moisturizing and fast-absorbing while providing a silky, smooth and luxurious touch. Ideal for elegant face products and emulsions, as well as body lotions and moisturizers. Neossance Squalane leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy heavy after feel. This high performance, GMO-free emollient is 100% plant derived pure Squalane. USDA Certified 100% Biobased Product. Squalane Neossance is perfect for facial care, but can be used in body care emulsions, balms, serums or as a carrier oil.
SunflowerSeedOilConventional Sunflower Seed Oil - High Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil - High Oleic is obtained from sunflower seeds. This lovely, light colored oil is excellent for use in cosmetics and toiletries. Natural plant breeding methods have enhanced the fatty acid profile of the oil by making it higher in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid, the major fat found in olive oil) and lower in both saturated and polyunsaturated fats. The resulting oil is very stable and is will not oxidize quickly. Sunflower Seed Oil can be used in many skin care or hair care formulations, such as creams and lotions, scrubs, massage oils, salves and soaps. INCI Name: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil