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MusicFaerieForest Deep Within a Faerie Forest - Gary Stadler Rediscover the Magic......Be filled with exquisite beauty as you journey deep into a mystical land of dreams. This new collaboration from musical wizard Gary Stadler and captivating Australian vocalist Wendy Rule leads you into the enchanted heart of the forest. Featuring the delightful harp artistry of Lisa Lynne, images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more.
MusicFairyHrtMgc Fairy Heart Magic - Gary Stadler Become Enchanted....Acclaimed composer Gary Stadler takes you further into the world of ancient Celtic lore, featuring extraordinary vocalist Stephannie and Celtic Harpist Lisa Lynne. Together they take you on a soul healing journey to a place where innocence and wisdom are one. Listen, and your heart wil be renewed with a mystical beauty.
MusicFairyLullabies Fairy Lullabies - Gary Stadler Magically Tranquil Music for Children and Adults. Embark on a sweetly relaxing journey into the enchanting world of Fairies. This softly beautiful music will soothe and enchant both children and adults - perfect for calming children for nap time or tucking them in at night. Award-winning Celtic composer Gary Stadler has created new instrumental lullaby versions of his most beloved melodies - more than just lullabies, they create a peaceful atmosphere at home and during yoga and massage.
MusicFairyNgtSngs Fairy NightSongs - Gary Stadler Deep in the night forest, fairies gather by firelight and fly to the song of the wind in the trees. Composer Gary Stadler and Vocalist Singh Kaur invite you to come with them on this magical journey through the fairy veil into the realm of Fairy NightSongs.
MusicFairyWoods Fairy of the Woods - Gary Stadler In your hand you hold a beam from the heart of a kindred soul, revealing at once a landscape both human and fey. A noble work of compassion and wonder, the circle of ten instrumental pieces by Gary Stadler Emerges now from it's three years' crafting. O you who listen by candlelight, you who whisper questions into the dark hollows of trees, you who follow the Gypsy Moon, here at last is the solace that you seek! R.Merlin
MusicReflectFaerie Reflections of Faerie - Gary Stadler Gary Stadler returns after completing his highly acclaimed Fairy-Trilogy with new music that radiantly sparkles with enchantment. Featuring Gary's pure piano sound, plus classical guitar, cello, vocal choirs and the lovely harp artistry of Lisa Lynne. There is a special magic and simple beauty in this music which touches the heart and stirs the soul.
MusicTheUniverse The Universe - Singh Kaur This exquisite music is soothing, uplifting and will illuminate your heart with joy. This Universe is an enchanting message of love that radiates grace and serenity. The purity of Singh Kaur’s ethereal voice shines through on the extended ancient chant “This Universe,” a gorgeous and enchanting original version of “A Spark in the Night,” and a breathtaking musical version of “The Lord’s Prayer.” In 1998, Singh Kaur teamed up with composer/musician Gary Stadler to provide the exquisite vocals for his album FAIRY NIGHT SONGS. Sadly, she passed away just before the release of the album. However, the deeply touching beauty of Singh Kaur’s voice lives on through Fairy Night Songs and other recordings. She recorded The Universe, produced by Gary Stadler, as her final offering to her fans. THIS UNIVERSE, an album of previously unreleased material, features three haunting tracks: a 40+ minute rendition of the ancient chant "This Universe," Kaur's dreamy musical interpretation of "The Lord's Prayer", featuring Raphael and the original version of "Spark in the Night" from FAIRY NIGHT SONGS. This recording also features artfully sensitive keyboard orchestrations by Raphael (Music to Disappear Into) and special guest Lisa Lynne on Celtic harp.