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BeeswaxNOPCertified Beeswax Pastilles - 100% Organic Certified Beeswax Pastilles 100% Organic Certified are used in many personal care products, including creams, lotions, soaps, salves, balms, lipsticks, and scrubs. Beeswax can be used with other waxes or by itself. Our Beeswax Pastilles are a natural yellow with a lovely honey scent.
CanWax Candelilla Wax The Candelilla Plant grows in Northeastern Mexico in the wilds of the north central plains and foothills of the Chihuahua Desert, a semi-arid area of more than 100,000 square kilometers. The production of Candelilla Wax is confined to areas where rugged climatic and topographical conditions combine to produce the highest wax-yielding varieties. Plants growing in the hottest and driest areas produce a scale-like covering on the plant, which, after processing at hundreds of rural sites, yields a hard vegetable wax of superior quality. This wax is useful in balms, lipsticks and other stick products.
CeraBellina Cera Bellina - Lovely Cera Bellina is a derivative of beeswax in which the free fatty acids have been converted to polyglycerol esters. By combining the benefits of beeswax and the special non-ionic emulsifier activity of the polyglycerol esters, Cera Bellina improves many types of cosmetic formulations. ●In anhydrous products Cera Bellina is capable of producing remarkably stable and smooth gels with natural oils and butters. ●With Cera Bellina, plant, and vegetable oils can be gelled with low percentages. ●In finished lipsticks, lipbalms, salves, balms, body butters, and deodorant sticks Cera Bellina suppresses fatty alcohol migration and oil synerisis (sweating). ●In color cosmetics Cera Bellina helps to break up pigment agglomerates and by forming a gel network it also maintains an even distribution of ingredients. ●In emulsions Cera Bellina functions as a stabilizer and thickener by inhibiting crystallization in the oil phase and by acting as a low HLB co-emulsifier. ●Cera Bellina offers thickening and stability with a silky smooth feel Cera Bellina is recommended for use in all anhydrous, stick products such as lipsticks and lipbalms. Cera Bellina is recommended for use in skin care balms, body butters, salves, lotion bars, and emulsions. Suggested Applications: ● Oil based skin care serums ● Balms and Body Butters ● Oil based skin care cleansers ● Products for Sensitive Skin ● After-sun skin care ● Lipbalm and lipstick ● Makeup Foundation INCI Name: Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax Recommend Usage: Lipbalms: 1.0% - 30.0% Gelled Oils: 1.0% - 5.0% Emulsions: 0.1% - 2.0% Physical Form: White Pastille Cera Bellina Luscious Lip Balm Cera Bellina – 30% Fractionated Coconut Oil – 30% Sunflower Seed Oil – 25% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 13.5% Vitapherole T50 – 1% Peppermint Essential Oil – 0.5% Total - 100% Combine first 5 ingredients in heat safe container and warm until melted. Add Flavor Oil and pour into sticks or containers. Let stand until firm. Silky Shea and Cera Bellina Lip Balm Cera Bellina – 20% Fractionated Coconut Oil – 45% Sunflower Wax Beads – 7.5% Shea Butter – 26% Vitapherole T50 – 1% Peppermint Essential Oil – 0.5% Total - 100%
EVOB Extra Virgin Olive Butter NEW Formula!! The Herbarie's Extra Virgin Olive Butter is a beautifully smooth and silky cosmetic butter made from cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea) and natural polyglycerol esters of beeswax. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is USDA NOP Certified Organic. This cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a complex triglyceride containing fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acid, tocopherols, squalene, polyphenols, and natural pigments such as chlorophyll. The Herbarie's Extra Virgin Olive Butter provides moisturization, conditioning and nutrients for dry and cracked skin - leaving a non-greasy, soft and silky feel. Extra Virgin Olive Butter has fabulous spreadability on the skin, making it ideal as a massage butter or carrier for treatment products. The Herbarie's Extra Virgin Olive Butter can also be used as an ingredient in formulations. Extra Virgin Olive Butter is recommended to build viscosity and increase stability and emolliency in products such as balms, creams, lotions, and lipbalms.
NatraButter NatraButter NatraButter™ - will be discontinued by manufacturer. Some specialty butters, such as Shea Butter, are notorious for crystal formation that is experienced as a “graininess” in formulations. NatraButter has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate crystal formation and is therefore recommended for use with, or in place of, specialty butters where graininess is a problem. This multifunctional, natural product is a non-hydrogenated, low-trans structured lipid and does not contain any additives, antioxidants or preservatives. NatraButter™ is recommended for products such as balms, creams, lotions, lipsticks and lipbalms. It can be used in both skin care and hair care and has a lovely conditioning emolliency.
OliwaxLC Oliwax LC New! Oliwax LC is a Liquid Crystal Promoter derived from Olive Oil fatty acids. Oliwax LC is designed to stabilize oil in water emulsions while enhancing the texture and feel in application. The unique “crystal network” is similar to human skin lipids and promotes excellent delivery to skin. Unlike many other waxy lipids, Oliwax LC offers stabilization with a light, silky-smooth feel. Oliwax LC is recommended for use in skin care creams and lotions, foundation, lipsticks and lipbalms, skin care serums, and sunscreens. Oliwax LC enriches the texture of the finished product without greasiness or tackiness and has no whitening effect on skin during application. Clinical tests have demonstrated that Oliwax LC is hypoallergenic and an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Oliwax LC has not been tested on animals, is completely biodegradable and compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. Oliwax LC is stable to oxidation, is odorless and colorless and offered in easy to use flake form. Suggested Applications: ● Daily Moisturizers ● Night Creams ● Eye Creams ● Products for Sensitive Skin ● After-sun Creams and Lotions ● Sun-care products ● Makeup Foundation INCI Name: Cetyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Palmitate, Sorbitan Olivate Recommend Usage: 1.0% - 4.0% Physical Form: Cream Colored Flakes
Shea Shea Butter Shea Butter is ultra refined and packaged in durable, leak-proof, reusuable Superfos containers. Shea Butter has been used in Africa for many years to combat the effects of the sun and aging. Shea Butter will impart moisturizing qualities to lotions, creams, and soaps or may be used directly on skin as an emollient.
SunflowerWax Sunflower Wax Pastilles Sunflower Wax Pastilles! This excellent high melt point vegetable wax can be used in Lipsticks, Lipbalms, Salves, Balms, creams, lotions and other cosmetic and personal care products. Sunflower Wax Pastilles have a high melt point. Sunflower Wax Pastilles function as a consistency modifier in sticks and emulsions. Sunflower Wax Pastilles will help to thicken a formulation by providing a rigid structural network of wax crystals, improving oil binding, emolliency, film formation and lubricity. In sticks, Sunflower Wax Beads contribute to hardness, texture, and strength. Sunflower Wax Pastilles consist of long chain saturated C-42 to C-60 esters derived from fatty alcohols and fatty acids.