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Bk365Energize 365 ways to ENERGIZE mind, body & soul by Stephanie Tourles Paperback, 384 pages In a world that seems to grow busier by the day, staying energized and active is a necessity. Before readers reach for that next cup of coffee, they should reach for this fun and useful book by natural health and beauty guru Stephanie Tourles. This idea-a-day book of energizing tips and techniques is a reader's guide to living life to its fullest. From diet to exercise, health rituals to visualization, Tourles delivers energizing recipes, easy-to-implement techniques, and sound, friendly advice that will help readers feel healthy and alive.
Bk365Relax 365 ways to RELAX mind, body & soul by Barbara L. Heller Paperback, 384 pages Stress may be the number one threat to health and happiness in the 21st century. For the stressed-out reader who can't afford a daily massage, here are 365 simple, effective ways to promote relaxation. From simple thoughts to exercises to food, this book offers tips for every day of the year. This fun-to-read gift-book is perfect for anyone with too much stress in their lives.
ASpaOfYourOwn A Spa of Your Own By Stephanie Tourles Paperback , 64 pages ISBN: 9781580178884 (158017888X) Give yourself the full spa treatment--in your own home--using simple ingredients you'll find in the kitchen!
BooksCreatingAnHerbalBodyCareBus Creating an Herbal Bodycare Business This inspiring book offers profiles of successful business owners who aim to enrich the health and well-being of others. Maine also includes advice for marketing a product, employing others, and much more.
BooksHerbalCatCare Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Cat Care Holistic veterinarian Randy Kidd offers thorough, up-to-date information on gentle, chemical-free treatments for preventive care as well as acute feline health problems.
SKU257 Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care Maintain your dog's health the natural way with gentle, chemical-free treatments for preventive care as well as acute canine health problems.
BookEODodt Essential Oils Book, The This practical guide shows how essential oils can greatly improve the quality of busy lives. Scent your home or office, create safe, fragrant home cleaning products, and make special mixtures suitable for children and the elderly.
BooksFceFngArom Facelift at your Fingertips Nourish your skin, make your complexion glow, and delay the onset of aging in just a few minutes a day with this easy-to-follow aromatherapy and massage sequence.
GrowYourHandmadeBusiness Grow Your Handmade Business Grow Your Handmade Business Are you ready to make a living from your craft? Applying her trademark "you-can-do-it" coaching style to the nuts and bolts of business planning, Kari Chapin covers all of the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business — from mapping out a business plan to expanding production and distribution, finding funding, and addressing legal matters. With this definitive guide, you'll discover how to grow your business beyond the dining room table and finally quit your day job.
SKU253 Growing Your Herb Business Packed with practical advice on budgets, locations, business plans, bookkeeping, staffing, inventory, and pricing, this is the book that will transform your herb hobby into an herb business.
Handmade Marketplace Handmade Marketplace Handmade Marketplace Turn your craft into a successful business! Even the most expert crafters may find it challenging to market and sell their wares, but with Kari Chapin you have an experienced guide at your side. Learn to determine your cost of goods, set prices, identify the competition, and understand the ins and outs of wholesale and retail sales. Explore the various sales venues available, including independent craft fairs, Web sites such as Etsy, and traditional stores, and learn to maximize your visibility and sales in each one. Want to start your own website? Chapin shows you how to style and prop your crafts for photography and explains how the most popular Web marketplaces operate. You’ll find everything you need to turn your talent into profits.
BksHerbHmRem Herbal Home Remedy Book, The Acquire herbal healing wisdom with this guide to gathering, drying, storing, and blending 25 common herbs. Create your own all-natural home medicine cabinet filled with teas, tinctures, salves, syrups, and lozenges.
BksHerbHmSpa Herbal Home Spa, The Create sumptuous personal-care products to pamper every part of your body. The easy-to-follow recipes in this unique volume rival products found at exclusive spas and specialty shops.
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BksHerbRemGard Herbal Remedy Gardens Enhance your health naturally with more than 20 versatile medicinal herbs from your own garden. Included are 38 illustrated plans for easy-to-maintain backyard and container gardens.
BkHerbTeaGard Herbal Tea Gardens This tea lover's gardening bible contains full instructions for growing herbs for tea, plus more than 100 recipes for blending and brewing the herbs in healthful combinations.
BksHerbTea Herbal Teas Blend and brew your own soothing, invigorating, healthful, or just plain delicious herbal tea.
BkHowtoFeelFab How to Feel Fabulous Today 250 Simple and Natural Ways to Achieve Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Well-Being by Stephanie Tourles Paperback, 208 pages Who doesn't want to look and feel great? Learn how to eat for health and vitality, make exercise fun, and raise your spirits with this simple program of action-oriented lifestyle, diet, exercise, and personal-care tips
BkKeepFitnessSimple Keeping Fitness Simple 500 Tips for Fitting Exercise into Your Life by Porter Shimer Paperback, 176 Pages This motivating book offers fun, easy ways to find fitness anywhere and everywhere - without special clothes, expensive health clubs, or exhausting workouts.
BksHerbDrmPillow Making Herbal Dream Pillows Summon long-hidden memories and inspire your dreams by tucking a fragrant dream pillow into your pillowcase.
BksMakingPlantMedicine Making Plant Medicine Making Plant Medicine Making Plant Medicine is about making herbal medicine. This is a modern medicine making book and formulary with its roots in original herbalism designed for every medicinal herb gardener to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship. Making Plant Medicine is about making herbal medicine. This is a modern medicine making book and formulary with its roots in original herbalism designed for every medicinal herb gardener to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship. Richo Cech tells very good stories based on his experience as a global wanderer, herbalist and medicine maker. In the context of his lifelong love of gardening, he has procduced this long-awaited book that is original, amusing and absolutely useful. Part 1: Medicine Making * drying and processing herbs * making tinctures the easy way * the mathematics of tincturing and solubility factors * basic formulas for fresh and dry tinctures, including dosages * vinegar extracts, glycerites, herbal succi and syrups teas, decoctions, herbal oils, salves and creams poultices, compresses and soaks Part 2: A Gardener's Formulary This section covers well over 100 herbs that are readily cultivated in North America. The listings include: conservation status, parts used, specific formulas, practical uses, dosages, contraindications and an overview of alternate species. Since the beginning, the garden has been a haven of good values, both physical and spiritual. The act of gardening provides a balm for every wound. May your medicine be of the garden, and may it be of benefit to all.
BksNatBabyCr Natural BabyCare Get your baby off to a great start with the safest, gentlest practices and products available - all-natural lotions, powders, creams, and shampoos - for ensuring good health and enhancing the mother-child bond.
SKU255 Naturally Clean Home, The Save money, save your health, and help save the planet with the natural cleaning power of herbs, essential oils, and other natural substances, such as beeswax, baking soda, and vinegar.
BooksPerfumeSplashesAndColognes Perfume Splashes and Colognes Professional perfumer Nancy Booth provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for making personal blends -- and creating your favorite perfumes -- using herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils, and alcohol.
BookSelfPresCos Preservative Free and Self Preserving Cosmetics and Drugs Principles and Practices Jon J. Kabara, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA Hardcover 286pages ISBN: 9780824793661 ISBN 10: 0824793668 Preservative Free and Self Preserving Cosmetics and Drugs Principles and Practices. Yes, it is possible to create products that are free from traditional preservatives. Preservative-Free and Self-Preserving Cosmetics and Drugs: Principles and Practices introduces the principles that are necessary to creative formulation. By carefully choosing ingredients, experimentation, and extensive testing, it is entirely possible to create a hostile environment for microorganisms without diminishing quality. The text emphasizes that the preservation of a product should be inherent in the formula and examines the use of multifunctional chemicals whose secondary characteristics include germistatic and germicidal qualities.
BooksRosGladHerbal Recipes Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family (Paperback) The mother of modern herbalism in North America, Rosemary Gladstar has been a driving force in herbal education. Now share in her wisdom and enthusiasm with this practical compendium. Herbal recipes address everyday ailments, ease stress and anxiety, and promote radiant beauty within and without. An herbal apothecary provides an A-to-Z guide to herbs and their healing uses, along with safety precautions, dosage information, and guidelines for when to seek traditional medical help.
BksRoseGladHerbChild Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Remedies for Children's Health Quiet an infant's colic or make a toddler tummy tonic with safe, natural remedies from internationally known herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.
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BksRoseGladHerbBeaut Rosemary Gladstar's Herbs for Natural Beauty True beauty doesn't come shrink-wrapped! Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar invites you to enlist the help of Mother Earth for natural radiance.
TheAromatherapyCompanion The Aromatherapy Companion Discover the Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy! In The Aromatherapy Companion, you'll find hundreds of soothing and healing recipes for beauty, health, and emotional well-being through every stage of life. Noted aromatherapist Victoria Edwards offers a comprehensive guide to using some of the more unusual essential oils and carrier oils, and shares her secret blends for the bath, massage, perfumery, health care, and aphrodesiacs. She also includes special recipes inspired by mythology, astrology, and Ayurvedic medicine.
BooksTheSoapmakersCompanion The Soapmakers Companion The most comprehensive guide to soapmaking ever! From the author of the best-selling The Natural Soap Book comes this illustrated guide to making over 40 specialty soaps -- from exquisite stained-glass, marbled, and layered soaps to soothing masseuse bars, hardworking laundry soap, and practical liquid soaps.