The Herbarie at Stoney Hill Farm, Inc. - Printable Product List - Hydrolyzed Proteins
sku product description
HydroOats Hydrolyzed Oats Hydrolyzed Oats is a naturally derived, soluble form of hydrolyzed whole oats. Hydrolyzed Oats contain both oligosaccharides and protein. This novel skin care ingredient can be used to improve the feel properties of creams and lotions and imparts a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, giving it a near-velvet smoothness after drying. Studies have shown that hydrolyzed oats retain significantly more moisture no matter what the humidity, and gain up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity when extra moisture is most needed.
HydroWheat Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is naturally derived, hydrolyzed wheat protein that contains wheat oligosaccharides (carbohydrates) and constitutes a unique hydrating complex offering a combination of moisture-balancing and film-forming properties that work synergistically to give hair better body control, and skin, a smoother softer feel. Wonderfully moisturizing in lotions/creams, anti-aging products. Exceptional in shampoos, conditioners, body wash.
SilkAminoAcids Silk Amino Acids For centuries, silk has been prized for its feel, its luster and magic. Silk is a natural fiber that is high in protein. Solu-Silk - Silk Amino Acids - are hydrolyzed from pure silk fibers and are penetrating and moisturizing to skin and hair. Solu-Silk SF is an excellent choice for hair care or body care. It is recommended for shampoo, conditioner, leave-in hair conditioner, styling products, bodywash, body lotion, facial cleansers, toners, facial moisturizer, makeup foundation, mascara, lipstick, or color cosmetics.