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The Herbarie Formulary
Guide to Making Personal Care Products


Welcome to The Herbarie Formulary!

The Formulary is designed to provide basic information, creative ideas, and guidance to formulators in the personal care and spa industries. We have based our formulas on The Herbarie products to demonstrate how our products can be utilized. Our formulas range from very simple to complex to meet the needs of both the beginning and experienced formulator.

All formulas should be calculated by weight. These formulas are presented in percentages so that you can use them to calculate any quantity for handmade toiletries that you desire.

Most formulas have been calculated for a 500 gram batch, which will yield approximately 17 to 18 oz by weight. You may wish to vary the percentages to achieve the results you want.

For those who are just beginning to make toiletries and cosmetics, please take a look at our Basic Body Care Recipes and Basic Hair Care Recipes on this page. These recipes are based on formulas, but also provide the fluid/dry measurements. These recipes can be made with simple kitchen tools - no scale is needed for these recipes.

After experimenting a bit, you will want to create your own formulas! For more information on how to make and calculate formulas, visit The Herbarie Library for Tips on Making Your Own Products.

We hope you will enjoy making your own cosmetics, toiletries and other personal care products.

Viewing the Entries...
Please note that there are several ways of viewing our Formulary entries...
1. You can download the pdf immediately before each entry
2. You can click the entry name to view the page within our site.
3. From the page, you will once again have the links for the pdf version of each entry.

Table of Contents...

Basic Recipes for Body Care
pdf  Rose Silk Cream (Recipe)
pdf  Botanical Emulsion with Bergamot & Hibiscus (Recipe)
pdf  Luscious Lavender NatraMulsion(Recipe)
pdf  Cupuacu Butter Moisturizing Cream with Avena Oat Extract WS (Recipe)
pdf  Luscious Bubbles Shower Gel(Recipe)
pdf  SCI Pearlicious Body Wash (Recipe)

Basic Recipes for Hair Care
pdf  Botanical Bubbles Shampoo

Body Care – Cleansers
pdf  VenaSilk Conditioning Body Wash with Natural Thickeners
pdf  Gentle Oats Baby Wash
pdf  Lemongrass and Myrtle Bath Gel
pdf  Moisturizing Bath Gel with Honeyquat
pdf  Pam's Avena Shower Foam for Foamy Bottles
pdf  Pearly Cream Body Wash with Plantapon LGC Sorb
pdf  Silky Soft Shower Gel
pdf  Bergamot Conditioning Shower Gel

Body Care – Lotions
pdf  A Perfectly Natural Lotion
pdf  Acacia Natural Lotion
pdf  Luxurious Xyliance Lotion
pdf  Raspberry and Rose Lotion
pdf  Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot
pdf  Silky Sheer Lotion with PlantaMulse
pdf  Silk & Satin Emulsion with Botanicals
pdf  Soothing Soy Lotion
pdf  VenaSilk NatraMulsion
pdf  EMT Summer Silk Lotion
pdf  Silky Soft SugarMulse Lotion
pdf  Plantamulse Liquid All Natural Lotion
pdf  Summer Silk Natural Lotion with Plantamulse Liquid
pdf  Prolipid 141 Lamellar Gel Lotion
pdf  Avena Oat Natural Lotion
pdf  Shealoe and Lavender Skin Soothing Lotion with Plantamulse Pastilles

Body Care - Creams
pdf  Avena Sativa Velvet Cream
pdf  Coconut Cream Natramulsion
pdf  Herbarie Botanical Cream with Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang
pdf  Olive Leaf Extract Moisturizing Cream
pdf  Olive Tree Moisturizing Cream
pdf  Soy Satin Cream
pdf  Virgin Coconut Cream
pdf  Artemisia Moon Cream
pdf  OryzaSilk Cream with Palmarosa & Elemi
pdf  Rose Silk Cream
pdf  Naturally Soothing Chamomile Rose Cream with PlantaMulse
pdf  Goji Berry Silky Skin Cream with Plantamulse Pastilles

Body Care – Serums and Gels
pdf  Acacia Alginate Serum
pdf  Soothing Skin Gel

Facial Care – Cleansers and Makeup Removers
pdf  Fruit and Flowers Makeup Remover
pdf  Lavender Cream Cleanser
pdf  Raspberry Silk Facial Cleanser
pdf  Raspberry Rose Facial Cleanser

Facial Care – Toners and Masks
pdf  Glacial Clay Gel Mask
pdf  Good Morning! Facial Toner
pdf  Phytoactive Toning Elixir

Facial Care – Emulsions, Serums and Gels
pdf  Acacia Alginate Serum
pdf  Avena Sativa Velvet Cream
pdf  Botanical Moisturizer with Rose Phytolate and PhytoE
pdf  Coconut Cream NatraMulsion
pdf  Cool As A Cucumber Eye Cream with Rose Hydrosol
pdf  Olive Leaf Extract Moisturizing Cream
pdf  Olive Tree Skin Renew Lotion
pdf  OlivEm Moisturizing Cream with Actives
pdf  PhytoActive Anti-Aging Serum
pdf  Raspberry & Rose Lotion
pdf  Silk & Satin Emulsion with Botanicals
pdf  Virgin Coconut Cream
pdf  Skin Renew Facial Moisturizer with Actives
pdf  Passionately Natural PlantaMulsion with Actives
pdf  OryzaSilk Happy Birthday Moisturizing Cream
pdf  EMT Skin Rescue Serum
pdf  Skin Renew Marula Moisturizer With Actives
pdf  Olivoil Glutamate Silky Lotion

Hair Care – Shampoos
pdf  Amy's Creamy Conditioning Shampoo
pdf  As Natural As It Gets Shampoo
pdf  Big Bubbles Shampoo
pdf  Botanical Rose Geranium Shampoo
pdf  Conditioning Shampoo with Natural Thickeners
pdf  Creamy SCI Shampoo with Olive Oil Esters
pdf  SMC Taurate Gel Shampoo with Botanical Complex HCA
pdf  Kim's Silky Soft Shampoo
pdf  Pearly Cream Shampoo with Plantapon LGC Sorb
pdf  Rosemary Mint Gel Shampoo with Botanical Complex LHC
pdf  Botanical Bubbles Shampoo
pdf  Revitalizing Rosemary Mint Shampoo
pdf  Silky Bubbles Shampoo
pdf  SMC Taurate Soft Bubbles Shampoo

Hair Care - Conditioners and Cream Rinses
pdf  Amy's Ultra-Conditioning Conditioner
pdf  Geranium Conditioner with Botanical Complex HC
pdf  HydroBody Conditioner
pdf  Incroquat CR Conditioner
pdf  Kayla's Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
pdf  Sleek & Smooth Hair Conditioner
pdf  Super Silky Hair Conditioner

Hair Care - Leave-In Conditioners and Gels
pdf  A Smooth Finish With Shea & AquaEm
pdf  Acacia's Shining Finish
pdf  Let It Shine!
pdf  Natural Styling Gel

The Spa – Body Conditioners for the Bath
pdf  Baby Your Body!
pdf  Silky Soft Bath with PlantaEm
pdf  The Herbarie's Butter Cream Bath

The Spa – Body Polish, Scrubs, and Smoothers for the Shower
pdf  Bergamot Body Polish
pdf  Rose Geranium Sugar Smoother
pdf  Soothing and Smoothing Shea Scrub
pdf  Coconut Macadamia Body Polish

The Spa – Balms, Butters and Bars
pdf  Gardener's Hand Salve
pdf  SunOlive Lotion Bar
pdf  SunOlive Botanical Balm
pdf  Virgin Coconut Lotion Bar

The Spa – Facial Care
pdf  Lavender Cream Cleanser
pdf  Glacial Clay Facial Gel Mask
pdf  Amazonian White Clay Facial Gel Mask
pdf  Emollient Facial Cleanser with Marula Oil
pdf  PhytoActive Anti-Aging Serum
pdf  Skin Renew Facial Moisturizer with Actives

The Spa – Mists and Sprays
pdf  Botanical Body Mist
pdf  Acacia Mist
pdf  Natural Spray Mist with Plantamulse Liquid