Nurturing Natramulse Cream with VenaSilk

Winter is here! With cold weather we often have dry, chapped skin and need something to condition and soothe. We offer you this formula to make a lovely cream filled with goodies from nature. Nurturing Natramulse Cream with VenaSilk contains all natural plant based ingredients such as Natramulse, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Botanical Extract LSC, Natural Synergy Preservative System (NSPS), Vitapherol T50 and VenaSilk. These natural ingredients work together to make a luscious and conditioning cream that is perfect for this time of year! We have set up a formula with weight in grams but have included approximate measurements also. Enjoy!

Part A
Distilled Water62.5% = 312.5 grams = 1+1/3 cups
Part B
NatraMulse9.0% = 45 grams = ½ cup
Shea Butter8.0% = 40 grams = 3 tbsp
Vitapherol1.0% = 5 grams = 1 tsp
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil8.0% = 40 grams = 3 + ½ tbsp
Botanical Complex LSC5.0% = 25 grams = 5 tsp
Part C
VenaSilk1.0% = 5 grams = 1 tbsp. +1 tsp
NSPS#12.0% = 10 grams = 1 tbsp
NSPS#21.5% = 7.5 grams = 2 tsp
Lavender Essential Oil2.0% = 10 grams = 2 tsp
Total100.0% = 500 grams = approx. 16 oz
  • Part A (water phase) - Using a stainless steel pot such as one of our beakers, heat distilled water to 175F
  • Part B (oil phase) – Using a stainless steel pot such as one of our beakers, combine Part B ingredients and heat to melt point (approximately 175F). Remove melted/hot oils from heat.
  • Add preweighed/measured VenaSilk to warm oils and gently stir into oils.
  • Add Part A (water phase) to Part B (oil phase). Add water very, very slowly to the hot oils, then begin mixing vigorously with stick blender or overhead mixer and continue to cool-down. Once emulsion has formed and begins to cool and thicken, switch to wire whisk or other stir tool.
  • Part C (Cool-down phase) - Add ingredients with mixing when temperature is 100F or less. Please note NSPS#2 will be solid at room temperature (see instructions below).
  • Package in jars or pump dispensing bottles


  • Overhead propeller mixer or stickblender will work. Once cream thickens, switch to handheld wire whisk or other stir tool and stir until completely cool.
  • Viscosity and particle size may vary depending on mixer. High shear mixers such as a stick-blender can be used to create a thicker cream. Propeller mixers or beaters or a hand-held whisk can be also be used to make this recipe.
  • NSPS#2 will be solid at room temperature and must be warmed and melted before using. This can easily be accomplished by wrapping in a standard heating pad at beginning of formulation, when it's time to incorporate it will be liquid to pour for weighing/measuring.
  • For ease and accuracy in weighing and measuring liquids we recommend our porcelain dishes.
  • For ease and accuracy in weighing and measuring powders such as VenaSilk, we recommend our plastic weigh and pour boats.
  • Batch can be scooped into gallon size freezer bag, sealed tightly. Allow 24 hours before dispensing into bottles or jars.
  • Emulsion will be thick enough for jars, but can be packaged in bottles with pumps.
  • Other essential oils can be used. Other favorites include: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rose Geranium
  • This formula is based on The Herbarie ingredients.

DISCLAIMER: This information is to demonstrate how The Herbarie products can be utilized. Our information is based on our own research and is believed to be accurate. We assume no liability for misuse of our products or data and we urge our purchaser to do their own testing to ensure the products meet their own specifications.

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