The Roses Are Blooming!

We’re harvesting and distilling our roses to make our wonderful Rose Hydrosol! 

Rose Hydrosol is distilled from our many varieties of antique roses which include English roses, damasks, gallicas, true teas, chinas, bourbons, and noisettes.

Heavenly rose scent fills the air as we walk among the roses in the gardens.  The light rose scent carries over into the Rose Hydrosol which can then be used in many different ways.


Eden is a David Austin rose that climbs along the fence going into the Rose Garden.  The pink tipped flowers are beautiful!


Take a walk with me through my Secret Garden……Alister Stella Grey is blooming on the trellis on the left and is covered with hundreds of exquisitely fragrant flowers!  As soon as we begin our walk, the fragrance joins us.  Along the path on the right, Hermosa and Katy’s Pink are starting to bloom.  In the far back on the trellis you can see the pinkish golden-yellow, apricot colored blooms of Reve d’Or.  In the far back to the right is Belinda – very big girl – about 15 ft by 15 ft.


Reve d’Or is almost in full bloom. The beautiful apricot color reminds me of sunrise!


Graham Thomas…… I think I’m in love with you!  These gorgeous, richly colored, butter-yellow flowers are very fragrant and are part of our Rose Phytolate Botanical Complex.


Perfection! The classic rose form and fragrance of the Dorsey rose is a favorite with The Herbarie Team!


 The Herbalist.  David Austin rose with simple beauty and fragrance.


 Belinda Rose in the Rose Cottage Garden and Dawn climbing rose in background.



Cottage Cat
Cottage Cat

Cottage Cat near Rose Cottage.  “CC” lives at Rose Cottage and welcomes all visitors!  She enjoys posing for pictures too!


Cottage garden with old fashioned pump and pond.  Belinda rose in front, smaller than her sister in the big garden as seen below.  We’ll have to keep an eye on her so she won’t get too big!  Big sister Belinda grows in the primary Rose Garden.  She is spectacular!



Constance Spry is an English Rose and blooms only once. But the blooms are sooo beautiful and the fragrance is sooo heavenly!!  I adore this rose!  Constance Spry is part of our Rose Hydrosol!


Now we are in Hummer Haven…..a great place to stop and smell the roses, listen to the wind chimes, watch the birds……and just be still for a while.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to our gardens at Stoney Hill Farm!  Love and Best Wishes!  Angie