Spring and the Nature of Water


Winter changes into Spring…….Redbud bursts into glorious bloom!  Redbud is native to our area and is one of my favorite trees.  After the flowers fade, the heart shaped leaves appear.  I’ve planted a Redbud tree in Sally’s Memory Garden.



Johnny Jump-Up (Viola tricolor) in Secret Garden.



Viola species or Heart’s Ease – beautiful native plant with medicinal value.  More heart shaped leaves…….these young, tender leaves are delicious in salads.  Medicinal teas can be made to ease sore throat and congestion.  Some sources report that Viola contains anti-cancer compounds.

Viola is a significant part of The Herbarie’s Rose Phytolate and is soothing to skin.




House Finch nesting – five eggs!   Last year her nest was built on a narrow porch ledge and sadly fell to the ground.   This year her nest is strongly built, safe and secure.  When I brushed Sally, I always left some of her soft fur throughout the gardens for the birds to use as nesting material.  Notice how her fur is woven throughout the nest.  Two days ago the baby birds hatched – very exciting!  The cycle of life is without end.



Phlox, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme…….lots and lots of Thyme in my garden!  Thyme and lavender make an excellent tea for congestion, colds or flu.  These herbs smell so good and make a nice addition to dream pillows.  I made a dream pillow with Rose Petals and Lavender buds for my niece Emma.




Phlox and Kiwi vine make a sweet spot for resting.


Pond with water fall.  The sound and rhythm of the water is very soothing to the senses.


According to the wisdom of the I Ching – Water reaches its goal by flowing continually.  It fills up all the places through which it flows; it does not shrink from any dangerous spot nor from any plunge and nothing can make it lose its essential nature.  It remains true to itself under all conditions.



This beautiful Peace rose was first planted by my dear brother Jay almost 40 years ago when he was a boy.  After his death, I transplanted it from my mother’s home to the farm and it’s been here about 15 years.  I call this rose “Jay’s Rose” and it blooms for me every year on my birthday!  This year it was the first rose to bloom and is still blooming.  Every time I pass by I think of Jay.




Reve dOr – Dream of Gold – Noisette climber with fragrant, creamy gold blossoms.  This rose is only two years old, but in another year will cover this pergola.



Lady Banksia in all her glory!  With one of my favorite White Oaks in the background.  This is the view from my new processing room – so beautiful!



Crepescule is a Noisette climber that lives beside the office door that leads into our break room.  These beautifully colored blossoms remind me of sunrise – all shades of peach, apricot, creamy pink.  I gave Jean a bouquet to take home last week.



Today is rainy and cold and reminds me of Winter even though the roses are beginning to bloom.   After years of drought, the rain started in December and hasn’t stopped.  The pond is abundantly full and over flowing.  The water is powerful and persistent and has found another path around the dam and even formed a new water fall flowing into the creek on the other side.  The creek is flowing continuously and confidently around and over the rocks and through the crevices forming new shapes and creating new life.

Best Wishes for a new path filled with abundant blessings……..Angie