Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been very busy working long days in our warehouse and office. On Saturday, the weather was so beautiful that I decided to spend some time outside.
Overall, we have enjoyed a mild and lovely Fall, with temperatures in the 50-60F range. We’ve not yet had a hard freeze, so our gardens are still filled with blooming Roses, Pineapple Sage, Honeysuckle, Mexican Sage, Sansanqua Camellia, and Zinnias. Ginger Lily and Osmanthus (Tea Olive) are still blooming and smelling wonderful and the birds and bees are everywhere.

On Saturday, I was relaxing in my secret garden when I heard the distinctive sound of hummingbird chitter twitter! I could hardly believe my ears! I thought I’d seen the last of our hummers until Spring of 2010! This past summer, just like every summer, we enjoyed hearing and seeing our many hummers buzz-fly from flower to flower and feeder to feeder. All summer long I’ve tried to take a picture of these magical creatures, but have not been fast enough. On Saturday, this precious little hummer perched on the Belinda Rose and waited patiently while I took picture after picture of her – isn’t she adorable!

This is a view of old Rose Cottage – a former share cropper’s home. This little cottage here on the farm is over 100 years old. Sasanqua Camellias are blooming profusely in the foreground with Mexican Petunia in the background.

This magnificent Monsieur Tillier Tea Rose is in bloom from Spring to Fall. These roses are near the Stoney Hill Farm sign beside our warehouse. Monsieur Tillier also grows and blooms in our other gardens. I propagated these roses myself which are now about 8 feet tall and just as wide. True Tea Roses are perfect shrubs for Zone 8 gardens with lots of room. They are not demanding, easy to grow and free from pests. All of these pictures were taken this past weekend.

Another Sansanqua Camellia beside The Herbarie office. Camellias don’t have a scent, but the blooms and evergreen foliage are just gorgeous.

My husband Earl and I are animal lovers. In addition to our wild birds and other wild creatures, our farm is home to Sally – our Great Pyrenees, our three Nubian goats – Rose, Petunia, Pansy, a bunny named Tinkerbell, and many “rescue kitties”. These kitties have somehow made their way to us over the years. We support the dedication and hard work of our local animal shelter where animals are spayed and neutered and adopted into families. Earlier this year I wrote about Gracie and her kitties – Dahlia and Poppy. Soon after the kitties were born, we acquired Sir Thomas, called Tommy, whom we are guessing is Kitty Daddy. Now Sir Thomas, Gracie, Dahlia and Poppy are one big happy (and neutered) family. Poppy is resting after a long day in the garden.

We have so much to be thankful for here at Stoney Hill Farm! We are thankful for our family, dear friends and customers, superb staff, our thriving business, and our special place on Earth that brings us so much joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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