Happiness is the Smile of a Dog

That’s what I am looking at right now and yes, it brings me great joy 🙂
The past few weeks have been grueling.  After the chemotherapy treatment, Sally experienced terrible nausea and upset stomach.  She was very sick and didn’t eat or drink for almost two weeks.  She had little energy and it seemed she was losing her spirit.  We had to rush to the vet three times for her to receive fluids subcutaneously.  Thankfully the fluids did seem to revive her each time.  Eventually Sally was able to eat small amounts of baby food and chicken, but I had to hand feed her because she had no strength and no appetite.  Finally after a couple of weeks, the chemo meds were out of her system and she began to eat and drink again.  We’ve decided not to do anymore chemo treatments.   We are hoping that this one chemo treatment was enough to rid her body of stray cancer cells.
But this is what we know:  Today we are happy and enjoying life!
For the past week, Sally has been gaining strength and gradually moving around more.   We both missed our walk together around the property feeding the animals, but she just didn’t have the strength to do it.  So, I’ve been letting her rest just outside our house while I go around the farm to feed the critters and water the gardens.  I confess that it felt lonely without her and I longed for her to become strong again.  This past week I was watering the various gardens and I left Sally resting beside the grape arbors.  As I was watering in the cottage garden, Sally walk/hopped on her own through the gate!  She came around the corner with a huge smile on her face and happy wagging tail!  She was very proud of herself and I was so filled with joy and so thankful at seeing her full of spirit again.  C.C. the Cottage Cat was happy to see Sally back again too.
 Today, Sally walk/hopped all the way around the property!  We still take it slow and the trip around the property takes about an hour or two.  With all that I have to do and feeling that I never will get it all done, I have a tendency to move fast and am always on the go – multi-tasking all the while.  But Sally has taught me that it’s much better to move slowly and to just be in the moment – not easy for me to do, but with Sally as an excellent role model I’m trying.  
This Sunday morning we spent time in all the gardens and savored the rare and lovely cool weather and fresh rainfall.  The Cottage Cat (C.C.) went with us.  Sally rested while I harvested more Holy Tulsi Basil and Sweet Violet Leaves for her tea. The dear roses are blooming again!  Hummers are busy humming in Hummer Haven.  And all is right with the world! 
 Ginger Lily & Mandevilla
Holy Tulsi Basil near the Secret Garden gate
Holy Tulsi Basil from last year reseeded and is now everywhere in all the gardens. 
 Maggie is almost always full of blooms!  She has a wonderful damask fragrance and frilly, hot pink flowers.
Monsieur Tillier forgave me for the severe pruning this spring and is covered with carmine pink flowers. 

 The waterfall pond
Sally is full of good, positive energy now!  

And most importantly her sweet spirit is back!

Love and all good wishes,
Angie & Sally