The Tea Olives are Blooming! Tea Olive (Osmanthus) are growing throughout all the gardens at Stoney Hill Farm. The Ginger Lily are still blooming as well as a few Honeysuckle, but right now the Tea Olives fill the air with heavenly scent.   

Osmanthus fragrans has many, many tiny flowers that are powerfully fragrant. 

Sally and Cottage Cat are on their way to work at The Stoney Hill Farm office. 
Many Tea Olives line our driveway.  We enjoy our walk as we sniff along the way.
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on Zinnia.
Butterflies are everywhere this time of year. 
They love the Zinnias! 
Gulf Fritillary on Cosmos Near Cottage
Gulf Fritillary on Belinda Rose Near Cottage
Yellow Swallowtail on Zinnias

Cloudless Sulfur on Zinnias

Metamorphosis – Ends are Beginnings – The Cycle of Life
My Roses are still blooming!   The Prince
Lantana near the Cottage Garden




One of the water gardens in Hummer Haven.

Ruby Throated Hummer taking a sweet drink
at the sugar water feeder near Stoney Hill Farm office. 
All hummers are preparing for the long trip south.
Autumn – Changes – Endings – Beginnings  
Love and Good Wishes, Angie