In Memory of My Beloved Sally  July 12, 2004 - October 12, 2012  Sweet Sally - Spring … [Continue Reading]

The Tea Olives are Blooming! Tea Olive (Osmanthus) are growing throughout all the gardens at Stoney Hill Farm. The … [Continue Reading]

April Showers bring April Flowers! The Roses are Blooming at Stoney Hill Farm! Monsieur Tillier blooms beautifully … [Continue Reading]

I love Winter and joyfully embrace the introspective and quiet solitude that comes with this time of year. This time of … [Continue Reading]

Aloe Vera Loves You Too! I’ve created a light summer lotion (or skin care serum) formula and I want to share it with … [Continue Reading]

Everything’s Coming Up Zinnias!

These Zinnias were first planted over 15 years ago!  One tiny packet of Cut & Come Again Zinnia seeds were sown in the Cottage Garden.  For a couple of years I kept the flower heads to sow the following year, but after a couple of years they started planting themselves!  I’ve not sown any seeds in […]

Clary Sage and Mountain Mint!

Gorgeous almost-summer day here at Stoney Hill  Farm!  The gardens are lush, blooming and ready!  At The Herbarie we have been very busy distilling our Hydrosols! The Clary Sage (Salvia sclaria)  is blooming beautifully and was distilled yesterday! Clary Sage Hydrosol is aromatic with a calming and soothing bergamot/Earl Grey scent.  It’s excellent to use in […]

The Roses Are Blooming!

We’re harvesting and distilling our roses to make our wonderful Rose Hydrosol!  Rose Hydrosol is distilled from our many varieties of antique roses which include English roses, damasks, gallicas, true teas, chinas, bourbons, and noisettes. Heavenly rose scent fills the air as we walk among the roses in the gardens.  The light rose scent carries over into […]

Spring and the Nature of Water

Winter changes into Spring…….Redbud bursts into glorious bloom!  Redbud is native to our area and is one of my favorite trees.  After the flowers fade, the heart shaped leaves appear.  I’ve planted a Redbud tree in Sally’s Memory Garden.   Johnny Jump-Up (Viola tricolor) in Secret Garden.   Viola species or Heart’s Ease – beautiful native plant […]

Winter Into Spring

  I enjoy the quiet stillness and solitude of nature that come with this time of year.  From the Winter Solstice throughout January and now into February, the woods behind my house silently beckon to me.  The White Oak and Red Cedar share their strength and integrity.  The Willow teaches me how to bend.  All […]

Sally – Guardian Angel of Stoney Hill Farm

In Memory of My Beloved Sally  July 12, 2004 – October 12, 2012  Sweet Sally – Spring 2005     Rose and Sally – Goats are Fun!   Sally and Angie – Summer 2006   Sally in Crimson Clover – 2009 Sally at Kim’s House – 2010   Sally, Amy, and Angie at Kim’s Soccer Game – […]