Virgin Coconut Lotion Bar

Our Virgin Coconut Lotion Bar offers skin moisturizing benefits of lotion in a solid, easy to use bar! This emulsifying lotion bar is perfect to use after the shower or bath when skin is still moist. BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier and AquaEm function beautifully as emulsifiers and conditioners in this formula. Additional emolliency and nutrients are provided by Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Butter, Botanical Complex LSC, and Cetyl Esters. Our solid butters and waxes provide structure and a solid consistency to this anhydrous formula.

Part A
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil33% = 165 grams
Sunflower Butter25.5% = 127.5 grams
BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier8.0% = 40 grams
Shea Butter11.0% = 55 grams
Botanical Complex LSC5.0% = 25 grams
Cetyl Esters4.5% = 22.5 grams
Candelilla Wax9.0% = 45 grams
AquaEm2.0% = 10 grams
Vitapherole T-501.0% = 5 grams
Part B
Optiphen1.0% = 5 grams
Total100.0% = 500 grams

Heat Part A until solids melt completely (around 75C-80C/170F-176F). As blend begins to cool, add Part B with mixing. Pour immediately into push-up containers, tubes, molds, or jars. The finished product will be a firm consistency.

You can make your own "butters" by combining a liquid oil such as our Sunflower Oil with Cera Bellina. We use 10% Cera Bellina to 90% Sunflower Oil. We also add Vitapherole T50 at 1%.

DISCLAIMER: This information is to demonstrate how The Herbarie products can be utilized. Our information is based on our own research and is believed to be accurate. We assume no liability for misuse of our products or data and we urge our purchaser to do their own testing to ensure the products meet their own specifications.

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