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The Herbarie Library

The Herbarie Library and Resource Center

We have compiled this information to assist you in making your own cosmetics and toiletries. The Herbarie at Stoney Hill Farm does not make any health or medical claims about our ingredients or products.

Information about making your own cosmetics and toiletries has been gathered from a variety of sources, including our own personal experience, current research and technical data from companies that manufacture these ingredients.

We strive to be accurate in our descriptions, but encourage our clients to use this information as a starting point from which to begin their own research. ALL ingredients are sold by weight except for the Essential Oils which are sold by fluid volume.

Formulating Tips

  1. Creams and Lotions
  2. Shampoos and Body Wash
  3. Formulating with GuarSilk™ and VenaSilk™
  4. HLB Made Easy*

Ingredient Information

  1. Squalane and Squalene


1. MSDS Aloe Vera Extract
2. MSDS Antioxidant Complex T5
3. MSDS AquaEm
4. MSDS Botanical Extract HC
5. MSDS Botanical Extract LSC
6. MSDS Botanical Extract LSCD
7. MSDS Calendula Extract oil-soluble
8. MSDS Cetyl Alcohol
9. MSDS Cetyl Esters
10. MSDS Cocobetaine-Lactylate Surfactant Blend
11. MSDS Conditioning Emulsifier
12. MSDS Cromollient SCE
14. MSDS Dehydroxanthan gum
15. MSDS Dimethicone Copolyol Ester
16. MSDS dl Panthenol 50-Per Cent Liquid
17. MSDS EmEster
18. MSDS Emulsifying Wax NF
19. MSDS Glyceryl Stearate
20. MSDS GuarSilk
21. MSDS Hydrolyzed Oats
22. MSDS Hydrolyzed Soy
23. MSDS Hydrolyzed Wheat
24. MSDS LiproSilk
25. MSDS Matrixyl 3000
26. MSDS NatraBath
27. MSDS NatraMulse
28. MSDS Olive Leaf Extract
29. MSDS Olive Oil PEG 7 Esters
30. MSDS PEG 150 Distearate
31. MSDS Polyfactant DLS Surfactant Blend
32. MSDS Polyglucose Lactylate Blend
33. MSDS Polysorbate 20
34. MSDS Raspberry CO2 Oil
35. MSDS Rice Bran Wax Flakes
36. MSDS SCI Pearl Surfactant
37. MSDS Sodium Coco-Sulfate
38. MSDS Stearic Acid
39. MSDS Sunflower Seed Extract
40. MSDS UltraMaize
41. MSDS VegeThix
42. MSDS VenaSilk
43. MSDS Zinc Oxide USP


1. MSDS Aloe Vera Extract
2. MSDS Antioxidant Complex T5
21. MSDS Hydrolyzed Wheat
22. MSDS LiproSilk

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