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Welcome to The Herbarie Formulary!

The Formulary is designed to provide basic information, creative ideas, and guidance to formulators in the personal care and spa industries. We have based our formulas on The Herbarie products to demonstrate how our products can be utilized. Our formulas range from very simple to complex to meet the needs of both the beginning and experienced formulator.

All formulas should be calculated by weight. These formulas are presented in percentages so that you can use them to calculate any quantity for handmade toiletries that you desire.

Most formulas have been calculated for a 500 gram batch, which will yield approximately 17 to 18 oz by weight. You may wish to vary the percentages to achieve the results you want.

For those who are just beginning to make toiletries and cosmetics, please take a look at our Basic Body Care Recipes and Basic Hair Care Recipes on this page. These recipes are based on formulas, but also provide the fluid/dry measurements. These recipes can be made with simple kitchen tools - no scale is needed for these recipes.

After experimenting a bit, you will want to create your own formulas! For more information on how to make and calculate formulas, visit The Herbarie Library for Tips on Making Your Own Products.

We hope you will enjoy making your own cosmetics, toiletries and other personal care products.

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