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SunOlive Lotion Bar

SunOlive Butter Bar

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The Herbarie's SunOlive Butter Bar is rich in emollient oils and butters. Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Butter and Sunflower Butter condition and protect skin. Candelilla Wax and Rice Bran Wax provide a high melt point and firm consistency for this anhydrous formula. EmEster and Cetyl Esters provide added conditioning and a nice finishing slip. Vitapherole T-50 (Vitamin E) is added as an antioxidant. This anhydrous formula is perfect for dry, chapped skin that needs moisturizing.


Part A

Candelilla Wax
Rice Bran Wax
Extra Virgin Olive Butter
Sunflower Butter
Jojoba Oil
Abyssinian Oil
Shea Butter
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Cetyl Alcohol
Vitapherole T-50

Part B

Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil




8.0% = 40 grams
8.0% = 40 grams
25% = 125 grams
25% = 125 grams
4.0% = 20 grams
4.5% = 22.5 grams
15% = 75 grams
5.0% = 25 grams
3.0% = 15 grams
1.0% = 5 grams


0.5% = 2.5 grams
1.0% = 5 grams

100.0% = 500 grams

Heat Part A until solids melt completely (around 75C-80C/170F-176F). Cool to less than 50C/122F). Add Part B with mixing. Pour immediately into push-up containers, tubes, molds, or jars. The finished product will be a firm consistency.

This information is to demonstrate how The Herbarie products can be utilized. Our information is based on our own research and is believed to be accurate. We assume no liability for misuse of our products or data and we urge our purchaser to do their own testing to ensure the products meet their own specifications.

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