NEW! SugarMulse™ – Ecocert Self-Emulsifier!

SugarMulse™ is a PEG-free, biodegradable, plant derived self-emulsifier that offers excellent stability and a conditioned skin feel. SugarMulse™ is a trademark of The Herbarie.

SugarMulse™ is obtained from a two-step process involving plant sugars and vegetable oils. This self-emulsifier functions by forming a very stable lamellar gel structure.

SugarMulse™ can be used as a complete self-emulsifier for moisturizing and conditioning creams and lotions. The lamellar gel structure is particularly suited for delivering actives and keeping skin soft and supple.

SugarMulse™ Processing Guidelines:
-SugarMulse™ should be included in the oil phase and heated to 170F/76C.
-Heat water phase separately.
-When both phases are at 170F/76C, add water phase to oil phase.
-Begin mixing with HIGH SHEAR mixer (homogenizer or stick blender) until emulsion begins to form.
-As emulsion begins to thicken, switch from stickblender (or homogenizer) to stirring utensil (or paddle/propeller mixer).
-Stir until cool.

Please visit our Formulary for more information and sample formulas:

Silky Soft SugarMulse Lotion

New! Environmentally friendly, reusable, recyclable packaging!

INCI Name: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Cetearyl Glucoside

Recommended Usage: 1% - 7%

Recommended pH range: 5.5-7.0

Physical Form: Micro-pearls

Price: $7.95
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