Stoney Hill Farm

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Visit the Herbarie at Stoney Hill Farm

Be our guest and "virtuall" visit the farm by clicking on our Stoney Hill Farm photos below. Click a thumbnail to view a larger size in a new window.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

EarlinMelons.jpg Violets.jpg angie-and-sally.jpg GingerSugarSpice.jpg eden_climber_th.jpg belindas_dream_th.jpg watercan_th.jpg belinda_th.jpg roseandmelissa_th.jpg dorsey_rose_th.jpg zephirinedrouhin_th.jpg herbariefrontporch_th.jpg echinaceawithbee_th.jpg apothecary_th.jpg sally_th.jpg sunflowers3_th.jpg damaskrose_th.jpg memory_garden_th.jpg butterfly_th.jpg dorsey_th.jpg lillian-austin4.jpg veggie-garden.jpg rose-geranium.jpg queen-anne-lace.jpg lilianaustin.jpg dorsey506.jpg belinda06.jpg traviata-lemon-balm.jpg ClarySage2006.jpg ClarySageFlower.jpg 2008AngieHat3 2008AngieinClover2 2008RoseBasketClipped