Stainless Steel Beaker 16oz.

Stainless Steel Beaker 16oz.
New! Stainless Steel Beaker with handle - 16oz. This heat-safe beaker is made of high quality stainless steel and is perfect for 100-300 gram batches. The bottom diameter is fine for use with most overhead, propeller type mixers, Silverson mixers, or a standard stick blender.

This 16oz. beaker is 5 inches in height. The bottom diameter is 2.75 inches and top diameter is 3.5 inches. This beaker works well with stick blenders, most overhead, propeller type mixers, and Silverson mixers.

We use these high quality Stainless Steel Beakers in our lab and processing center. They are perfect for making emulsions. We recommend using two beakers - one for the water phase and one for the oil phase.

Price: $45.00