Sorbitan Stearate

Sorbitan Stearate
Vegetable source, PEG-free, nonionic water-in-oil low HLB emulsifier (4.7). Our Sorbitan Stearate comes in cream colored, easy to use flakes. When it is combined with Polysorbate 60 (HLB 14.9), it makes a luscious o/w cream or lotion! It can also be used with any of the other medium to high HLB emulsifiers to make stable oil in water emulsions.

INCI Name: Sorbitan Stearate

Physical Form: will vary - cream colored flakes, small beads, or pastilles

Solubility: Oil Soluble

HLB Value: 4.7

Natural Vegetable Source

Price: $5.00
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