Skin Renew Marula Moisturizer With Actives

Skin Renew Marula Moisturizer with Actives is a rich blend of humectants, emollients, and anti-aging ingredients that will renew and replenish dry and aging skin. Sugarmulse, a natural source, self-emulsifier, also offers skin conditioning benefits along with Marula Oil, Shea Butter, and Botanical Complex LSC. Avena Oat Extract WS, smoothes and softens skin and also provides exceptional long-term moisturization. Colhibin and Syn-Coll help skin maintain structural integrity which is the key factor for reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. All together these ingredients help to renew and restore skin’s naturally youthful appearance, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

The formula below includes calculations for a 250 gram batch.

Part A
Distilled Water62.3%= 155.75 grams
HEC0.5%= 1.25 grams
Part B
Sugarmulse4.0%= 10 grams
Shea Butter10%= 25 grams
Marula Oil6.0%= 15 grams
Botanical Complex LSC3.0%= 7.5 grams
Coviox T500.5%= 1.25 grams
Part C
Avena Oat Extract WS5.0%= 12.5 grams
Colhibin5.0%= 12.5 grams
SynColl3.0%= 7.5 grams
Palmarosa Essential Oil0.4%= 1 grams
Liquid Germall Plus0.3% = 0.75 grams
Total100% = 250.0 grams

In Part A, combine HEC and Distilled Water. Heat (while stirring) to 175F. Heat Part B to 175F. Add Part A to B with high shear (stick blender) mixing. Once emulsion begins to form, begin mixing with a stir tool until cooldown. We recommend using our wire whisk. Cool to 120F or less, add Part C and mix well.

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