Skin Renew Facial Moisturizer with Actives

This elegant, cationic emulsion is enriched with humectants, antioxidants, conditioners and anti-aging ingredients that will renew and refresh. Rose and Melissa Hydrosols, Plantago Extract, Tamarind Seed Extract and Cucumber Extract bring exceptional skin care benefits to this formula. Syn-Tacks is an innovative combination of two peptides that help to restore skin's youthful appearance. Pomegranate Seed CO2 can promote skin regeneration, stimulate self repair mechanisms, improve skin elastasticity, and reduce wrinkles and is rich in skin nourishing antioxidants. The oil phase portion of this cream will condition skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

Part A
Cucumber Extract5%= 25 grams
Plantago Extract5%= 25 grams
Rose Hydrosol15%= 75 grams
Melissa Hydrosol10% = 50 grams
Distilled Water36.6%= 183 grams
Part B
BTMS5%= 25 grams
EmBlend CA202%= 10 grams
Abyssinian Oil4%= 20 grams
Shea Butter6%= 30 grams
Botanical Complex LSC3%= 15 grams
Part C
Pomegranate Seed CO2 Extract2%= 10 grams
Syn-Tacks1%= 5 grams
Tamarind Seed Extract5%= 25 grams
Liquid Germall Plus0.4%= 2 grams
Total100% = 500.0 grams

Heat Part A to 175F. Heat Part B to 175F. Add Part B to A with mixing. Cool to 120F or less, add Part C and mix well.

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