SMC Taurate Paste

SMC Taurate Paste
The Herbarie's SMC Taurate Paste is a gentle, good foaming surfactant with an elegant, conditioned afterfeel. This easy to use product is excellent for use in shampoo, body wash, facial care, dental care, bar soaps, and other natural skincare and haircare products. It can be used alone as the only surfactant or in combination with other natural surfactants.

Recommended Usage:
-If used as the only surfactant for shampoo or body wash: 30%-50%
-Facial Cleansers: 5%-25%

Packaged in sturdy, reusable Superfos containers.

INCI Name: Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

Physical Form: Soft, Pearly White Butter Consistency

pH 10% solution: 7.4-8.4

Activity: 30.0% - 31.5%


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