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Oils & Emollients

Natural Vegetable Oils and Emollients are important conditioning ingredients for both skin care and hair care. We recommend using natural oils and other emollients in facial moisturizers, body care creams and lotions, baby care products, facial cleansers, hair conditioners and other personal care products.

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Squalane Neossance
Squalane Neossance
SKU: SqualaneNeossance_2oz
Super Sale! Neossance Squalane is highly moisturizing and fast-absorbing while providing a silky, smooth and luxurious touch. Ideal for elegant face products and emulsions, as well as body lotions and moisturizers. Neossance Squalane leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy heavy...
Priced from: $7.25

Sunflower Seed Oil - High Oleic
Sunflower Seed Oil - High Oleic
SKU: SunflowerSeedOilConventiona_4oz.
Sunflower Seed Oil - High Oleic is obtained from sunflower seeds. This lovely, light colored oil is excellent for use in cosmetics and toiletries. Natural plant breeding methods have enhanced the fatty acid profile of the oil by making it higher in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid, the major fat...
Priced from: $7.95

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