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Fall is Here!!! Special Sale! Rose Hydrosol......Artemisia Hydrosol.....and more!

Try our Anahata PhytoScented Botanical Extract and other lovely PhytoScented Botanical Extracts!

Typical shipping days are Monday and Thursday. On non shipping days, we will be available by email only.

Please read our Sales and Shipping Policies for more info!

Special Sale! Lovely Passionfruit Oil!!....New Foaming Oat Surfactant!!!....Chia Seed CO2 extract!......and more....Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract in stock now!!

New.....Natural Synergy Preservative System!!!!

Read more here....

New Products

●New products - including Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract, Avena Oat Oil, Avena Oat Extract WS, Wild Carrot Seed Hydrosol, - and more new products on the way!

● For your convenience, we've provided links to some of our newest formulas:

Avena Oat Natural Lotion

SCI Pearlicious Body Wash with Recipe

EMT Skin Rescue Serum

Silky Soft SugarMulse Lotion

Luscious Bubbles Shower Gel Shampoo with Recipe

VenaSilk Happy Birthday Moisturizing Cream

VenaSilk Cream with Palmarosa & Elemi

Rose Silk Cream

Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot

Luscious Lavender Natramulsion with Recipe

● To learn more about our new products, formulas, and what's going on at Stoney Hill Farm, please visit:

The Herbarie Update Blogspot

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Grow Your Handmade Business
Grow Your Handmade Business
SKU: GrowYourHandmadeBusiness
Grow Your Handmade Business Are you ready to make a living from your craft? Applying her trademark "you-can-do-it" coaching style to the nuts and bolts of business planning, Kari Chapin covers all of the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business — from mapping...
Priced from: $16.95

Holy Tulsi Basil Essential Oil
Holy Tulsi Basil Essential Oil
SKU: EOHolyTulsiBasil_0.125oz
Holy Tulsi Basil is warm and sweet with a clove-like scent. All varieties of Basil are native to India where it is used in Ayurveda medicine. Holy Tulsi Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is considered to be a sacred plant and is used to open the heart and bring harmony to the mind. Extremely aromatic and...
Priced from: $4.95

Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract
Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract
SKU: PSBE_Jasmine_5gram
Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract contains a natural, aromatic blend of lipophilic and volatile constituents. Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract has an exquisite, warm floral scent that is characteristic of the Jasmine flower. Jasmine flower is recognized for its balancing, emollient and...
Priced from: $15.00

SKU: Linefill_0.33oz.
Linefill™ new all-in-one anti-wrinkle and lip plumper from Provital! ! Linefill™ is a new, plant-derived active ingredient extracted from seeds of sesame (Sesamum indicum), a plant native to Ethiopia. It is a fraction rich in sesamin, which belongs to a group of compounds called lignans....
Priced from: $12.95

Myrrh CO2 SE Extract
Myrrh CO2 SE Extract
SKU: MyrrhCO2_0.125oz
New! Myrrh CO2 SE Extract. This yellow-brown, viscous extract contains 65 - 85 % volatile essential oil as well as traces of lipiphilic conponents. The constituents include sesquiterpenes with different structures, e.g. sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, furanosesquiterpenes. Myrrh CO2 SE Extract...
Priced from: $11.25

Squalane Neossance
Squalane Neossance
SKU: SqualaneNeossance_2oz
Super Sale! Neossance Squalane is highly moisturizing and fast-absorbing while providing a silky, smooth and luxurious touch. Ideal for elegant face products and emulsions, as well as body lotions and moisturizers. Neossance Squalane leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy heavy...
Priced from: $7.25

Stainless Steel Beaker 16oz.
Stainless Steel Beaker 16oz.
SKU: StainlessSteelBeaker16oz.
New! Stainless Steel Beaker with handle - 16oz. This heat-safe beaker is made of high quality stainless steel and is perfect for 100-300 gram batches. This 16oz. beaker is 5 inches in height. The bottom diameter is 2.75 inches and top diameter is 3.5 inches. This beaker works well with stick...
Priced from: $45.00

Stainless Steel Beaker 32oz.
Stainless Steel Beaker 32oz.
SKU: StainlessSteelBeaker32oz.
New! Stainless Steel Beaker with handle - 32oz. This heat-safe beaker is made of high quality stainless steel and is perfect for 400-500 gram batches. This 32oz. beaker is 5.25 inches in height. The bottom diameter is 3.75 inches and top diameter is 4.5 inches. The 32oz. Stainless Steel...
Priced from: $54.00

Stainless Steel Beaker 64oz.
Stainless Steel Beaker 64oz.
SKU: StainlessSteelBeaker64oz
New! Stainless Steel Beaker with handle - 64oz./2000ml. This heat-safe beaker is made of high quality stainless steel and is perfect for 1000 gram batches. This 64oz. beaker is 6.5 inches in height. The bottom diameter is 4.75 inches and top diameter is 4.75 inches. This beaker works well...
Priced from: $70.00

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