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Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot

Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot

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This lovely lotion formula is based on a natural emulsification and conditioning system including Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate, Glyceryl Stearate and Cetearyl Alcohol. This natural system works with Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and our Calendula Extract OS to impart conditioning with a superior after-feel. Botanical Complex SCA provides moisturization and skin care benefits. Optiphen is used as our preservative. Our Bergamot FCF is skin-safe and the fresh citrus scent is perfect for summer. We have utilized our fresh, lemony scented Melissa Hydrosol as the entire water phase in the formulation.

Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot has the conditioned after-feel of the lactylates, but is absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy after-feel. This easy-to-make lotion formula was created especially for summer, but is lovely any time of the year.


Part A
Melissa Hydrosol
Distilled Water
Botanical Complex SCA

Part B
Sodium Behenyl Lactylate (SBL)
Glyceryl Stearate
Cetearyl Alcohol
Shea Butter
Macadamia Nut Oil
Calendula Extract OS

Part C
Bergamot FCF



20.0% = 100 grams
56.2% = 281 grams
5.0% = 25 grams
1.0% = 5 grams

2.0% = 10 grams
2.0% = 10 grams
2.0% = 10 grams
4.0% = 20 grams
2.0% = 10 grams
4.0% = 20 grams

1.0% = 5 grams
0.8% = 4 grams

100.0% = 500 grams

-Combine Part A ingredients and heat to 175F.
-Combine Part B ingredients and heat to 175F.
-Add Part A to B with mixing. Cool to 50C/122F,
-Add Part C and mix well.

-Other Hydrosols such as Pineapple Sage, Rose Geranium, Mountain Mint can be used.
Other skin safe essential oils can be used, such as Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Myrtle, Lemongrass.
-Macadamia Nut Oil can be replaced with other Vegetable Oils if desired. Shea Butter can be replaced with other butters if desired. Calendula Extract OS can be replaced with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
-Optiphen should be added to the cool-down phase - 100F or less - to avoid destabilization.
-This lotion is quite thick when cool. For small batches, we scoop the lotion into a plastic food grade freezer bag when cooled, close the bag and snip off one of the corners. Use the bag to easily squeeze the lotion into bottles.

This information is to demonstrate how The Herbarie products can be utilized. Our information is based on our own research and is believed to be accurate. We assume no liability for misuse of our products or data and we urge our purchaser to do their own testing to ensure the products meet their own specifications.

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