Kim's Silky Soft Shampoo

This gentle gel shampoo is excellent for all hair types including color or heat treated hair. SMC Taurate, Foaming Oats, and DLS Mild provide good cleansing and foaming without stripping natural oils from hair. Avena Oat Extract WS, Hydrolyzed Oats and dl panthenol strengthen and smooth the hair shaft. Used at a low percentage, GuarSilk provides just enough conditioning and adds viscosity to this formula. Raspberry Dimethicone WS helps to solubilize essential and fragrance oils, improves wet-combing and adds shine to hair. Crothix Liquid adds viscosity.

Part A
SMC Taurate25% = 125 grams
DLS Mild15% = 75 grams
Foaming Oats Surfactant5.0% = 25 grams
Part B
Distilled Water41.0% = 205 grams
GuarSilk0.2% = 1 gram
Hydrolyzed Oats2.0% = 10 grams
DL Panthenol3.0% = 15 grams
Avena Oat Extract WS2.0% = 10 grams
Part C
Raspberry Dimethicone WS2.0% = 10 grams
Lavender and/or Geranium EO1.0% = 5 grams
Optiphen ND0.8% = 4 grams
Crothix Liquid3.0% = 15 grams
Total100.0% = 500 grams
  • Add GuarSilk to room temperature distilled water and blend/mix well. Hydrate for at least 10 minutes stirring periodically. Set aside.
  • In Part A – combine all ingredients and gently warm SMC Taurate until melted. Set aside.
  • When GuarSilk is completely hydrated (about 15-20 minutes), combine with Avena Oat Extract WS, Hydrolyzed Oats and dl panthenol. Slowly add to (previously heated/melted) Part A while stirring. Cool down while stirring to 120F or less.
  • Combine Raspberry Dimethicone WS and essential oils in a separate container. Add a small amount of cooled surfactant mixture to this mixture. Then add the combined mixture to finished shampoo with gentle mixing. Add Optiphen ND.


  • Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils can have a dramatic effect on surfactant based systems. Small percentages are recommended (1% or less) They should be added carefully to a small portion of the shampoo or body wash before adding to the whole batch. AquaEm, CocoEM WS, Raspberry Dimethicone WS are good solubilizers and provide water soluble emolliency.
  • Viscosity can vary from batch to batch. If greater viscosity is desired, increase the Crothix Liquid. If less viscosity is desired, decrease Crothix Liquid.
  • For bigger bubbles/more foaming, substitute Cocamidopropyl Betaine for the DLS Mild.

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