A cationic derivative of a natural gum that is highly substantive to both hair and skin. GuarSilk™ is THE key ingredient in conditioning shampoos to leave hair soft, shiny and silky. GuarSilk™ is a trademark of The Herbarie. GuarSilk™ is quickly and easily dispersible in room temperature water and is compatible with anionic and amphoteric systems. In addition to its superior conditioning properties, GuarSilk™ has the benefit of increasing viscosity and stability in formulations. To give some idea of the amount needed: Two ounces GuarSilk™ will be enough for 50-60 8 ounce bottles of shampoo/body wash. Our 24 ounce of GuarSilk™ will be enough for 400+ 8 oz. bottles of shampoo/body wash.

Recommended Applications: GuarSilk is recommended for use in hair and skin care formulations to provide conditioning and to increase viscosity.
Shampoos: Although GuarSilk is cationic, it is compatible with most anionic surfactants used in hair care. GuarSilk can be used as a conditioning and softening agent and also as the primary viscosifer of a shampoo. A use level of 1.0-1.5% is recommended, based on the weight of the final formulation. For light conditioning, GuarSilk can be utilized from 0.15%-0.25%.
Lotions and Creams: GuarSilk is highly substantive and will enhance the conditioning and silky feel of emulsions. Typically 0.15%-0.25% is recommended.

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INCI Name: Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

General Recommended Use: 0.2%-1.0%

Physical Form: Off-white to yellow Powder

Solubility: Soluble in Water/Dispersible in glycerin, glycols/Not soluble in Oils

Natural Vegetable Source

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