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Herbarie Update

Our lovely Rose PhytoScented Botanical Extract is here!

Rose PhytoScented Botanical Extract is an all natural synergistic blend of aromatic botanicals providing a lovely, warm rose floral scent that is characteristic of the exquisite flower!!

New!! Cucumber PhytoScented Botanical Extact!!! The fresh scent of Cucumber in an oil soluble extract!

Special Sale! Lovely Passionfruit Oil!!....Smooth and creamy EmBlend CA20!!....New Foaming Oat Surfactant!!!....Chia Seed CO2 extract!......and more....Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract in stock now!!

New.....Natural Synergy Preservative!!!!

Next Shipping Days: Monday, June 25 and Thursday, June 28.

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DIY Bath and Body Care Kits for Yourself or Gift Giving

Make your own cosmetics and toiletries with The Herbarie’s DIY Kits! Our kits come complete with The Herbarie's natural ingredients, jars or bottles, labels and easy to follow instructions. Each kit is based on one of The Herbarie formulas and calculated by weight. We have included an easy to use recipe for fluid, volume, and dry measurement. These kits do not require a scale or pH meter. Our complete instructions explain how simple kitchen tools and utensils can be used to create your own products. The Herbarie DIY Kits are attractively packaged and perfect for gift giving!

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Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System
Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System
SKU: PhytoEmulsion
We are pleased to introduce The Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System! The Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System is a ready-to-use, finished cream base specifically designed for additional ingredients. This emollient, unscented cream is the perfect carrier for active ingredients - such as anti-aging...
Priced from: $15.00