Botanical Emulsion with Bergamot & Hibiscus

The Herbarie's Botanical Emulsion with Bergamot & Hibiscus offers wonderful moisturizing botanicals and skin conditioning emollients that leave skin silky soft. Hibiscus Extract has excellent anti-oxidant properties and also helps to maintain the skin's elasticity. BTMS-Conditioning Emulsifier provides a lovely smooth emulsion as well as a silky conditioned feel. A perfect blend of rich oils and butters bring emolliency and conditioning to skin while leaving skin satiny smooth. PB Microcide is a gentle cationic preservative that works well within this formula.

This formula was created by using percentages and weight measurements in grams. For the convenience of those who are just beginning to make toiletries, we have provided the approximate fluid/dry measurements as listed.

Part A
*Distilled Water74% = 185 grams = 3/4 cup + 1 TBS
Part B
BTMS-Conditioning Emulsifier7.0% = 17.5 grams = 3 TBS
Botanical Complex LSCD2.0% = 5 grams = 1+1/2 tsp.
Abyssinian Oil4.0% = 10 grams = 2 tsp.
Meadowfoam Seed Oil2.0% = 5 grams = 1+1/4 tsp.
Shea Butter7.0% = 17.50 grams = 1 tblsp.
Part C
**Bergamot FCF1.0% = 2.5 grams = 1/2 tsp.
***Hibiscus Extract2.0% = 5 grams = 1 tsp.
PB Microcide1.0% = 2.5 grams = 1/2 tsp.
Total100.0% = 250 grams
  • Step One: Using a stainless steel pot (16oz. Stainless Steel Beaker) on a stovetop or hotplate, heat Part A ingredients to 165F-170F.
  • Step Two: Using another stainless steel pot (16oz. Stainless Steel Beaker) on a stovetop or hotplate, combine all Part B ingredients and heat to 165F-170F or until solids are melted.
  • Step Three: When the temperature of each phase is 165F-170F, add Part A (water phase) to Part B (oil phase) and mix vigorously with a stickblender or other mixer (mixer type will have an impact on finished product).
  • Step Four: Continue to mix-pulsing off and on-until emulsion begins to form, thicken, and cool. As emulsion thickens, change mixing technique and stir until cool and smooth.
  • Step Five: When emulsion has cooled to 100F or less, add Part C ingredients and mix well.
  • Step Six: This emulsion will be quite thick and can be packaged as a lotion with a dispensing cap or pump or it can be packaged in a jar to use as a cream. For lotion bottling, scoop cooled emulsion into clean plastic sandwich bag and close. Snip off corner of bag and dispense into bottle. Enjoy!

** Please use only Bergamot FCF – other Bergamot EO may not be skin-safe. If desired, other skin-safe essential oils such as Lavender, Geranium, Myrtle, Patchouli, Clary Sage, or Rose may be substituted.

*** Hibiscus Extract is highly concentrated and will lend a lavender/brownish color to this formulation.