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Botanical Bubbles Shampoo

Botanical Bubbles Shampoo

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Naturally derived Foaming Oats Surfactant and SMC Taurate provide excellent foam and gentle cleansing in this simple, but elegant formula. Crothix Liquid works to provide good viscosity. Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Essential Oil will revitalize as well as lend a fresh, clean scent to this shampoo. Raspberry Dimethicone WS is a water soluble emollient that is excellent for improving wet-combing and adding shine to hair.


SMC Taurate
Foaming Oats Surfactant
Distilled Water
Lavender Hydrosol

Add during cool-down - approx. 120F
Optiphen ND
Raspberry Dimethicone WS
Lavender Essential Oil
Crothix Liquid


20% = 100 g = 1/2 cup
15% = 75 g = 6 TBS
48.2% = 241g = 1 cup+1 fl oz
10% = 50 g = 2 fl oz

1% = 5 g = 1 teaspoon
3% = 15 g = 3 teaspoons
0.8% = 4 g = 1 teaspoon
2% = 10 g = 2 teaspoons

This is an easy formula for first time shampoo/body wash makers! Please note that our formulas are calculated by weight which is always best and most accurate. For first time formulators, we have provided an estimated recipe using fluid volume.

Gently heat SMC Taurate, Foaming Oats Surfactant, water, Lavender Hydrosol until SMC Taurate has melted. Remove from heat. Add the remainder of the ingredients and gently stir. Once the mixture has cooled to 120F or less, add Optiphen ND, essential oils and any other ingredients that are heat sensitive. See notes below for more info:

Tips for shampoo/body wash:

  • pay attention to pH of finished product and make sure it is around 5.5. If this formula is followed precisely, the finished pH should be 5.4 – 5.6.
  • More Crothix Liquid may be needed to adjust the thickness of the finished product.
  • essential oils that seem to be most compatible with shampoo/body wash: geranium, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, rosemary, clary sage
  • For this formula, we are utilizing Raspberry Dimethicone WS as an emollient and solubilizer. For best results, premix Raspberry Dimethicone WS with Lavender Essential Oil. Add a bit of finished shampoo to premixture. Add premixture BACK to finished shampoo with mixing.