Botanical Body Mist

This scented alcohol-free body mist is moisturizing and has an excellent skin feel. This formula demonstrates the versatility of The Herbarie’s AquaEm. AquaEm is an excellent solubilizer for fragrance oils and essential oils, as well as a good skin care emollient. Our Hydrolyzed Oats will help skin to stay hydrated. This product is derived from whole oats and contains mainly oligosaccharides (carbohydrates). It is used to enhance moisture retention and the feel properties of skin care products. Studies have shown that hydrolyzed oats retain significantly more moisture regardless of humidity and will gain up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity when extra moisture is needed.

Part A
AquaEm3.0% = 15 grams
Lavender Essential Oil1.0% = 5 grams
Part B
*Distilled Water94.2% = 471 grams
Part C
Hydrolyzed Oats1.0% = 5 grams
Cosmocil CQ0.8% = 4 grams
Total100.0% = 500 grams

Part A: Combine ingredients with mixing.

Part B: Add a small amount of distilled water to Part A with rapid mixing. Add remainder of distilled water.

Part C: Add Part C, mix and package.

DISCLAIMER: This information is to demonstrate how The Herbarie products can be utilized. Our information is based on our own research and is believed to be accurate. We assume no liability for misuse of our products or data and we urge our purchaser to do their own testing to ensure the products meet their own specifications.

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