Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil
Cypress essential oil is steam distilled from needles and twigs of Cupressus sempervirens and has a woody, balsamic, spicy scent. Cypress essential oil is useful in aromatherapy and has refreshing, restorative, protective, soothing, and purifying characteristics. This oil is restorative for those with nervous exhaustion and soothing for those in high stress situations.

Cypress essential oil is excellent for use in skin care. Cypress essential oil has been traditionally used to improve circulation, soothe muscular soreness, and restore balance. Cypress essential oil blends well with other woody blends such as Cedarwood or Sandalwood, spicy oils such as Juniper Berry or Patchouli, green/sweet scents such as Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, or citrus oils such as Bergamot FCF. Ylang Ylang adds a nice touch.

Species: Cypress sempervirens

Country of origin: Austria

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