Apple Surfactant

Apple Surfactant
Apple Surfactant ultra gentle, luscious soft lather! Apple Surfactant is an excellent choice for sensitive skin, baby products, facial products or other natural skin care or hair care products. Apple Surfactant is non-irritating and will not strip skin or hair of natural oils. Apple Surfactant will leave skin feeling soft and conditioned after rinse off.

Product characteristics:
-Extremely mild, surfactant for hair and skin care
-Ultra-mild and fabulous skin feel. Gentle for face.
-Compatible with most ingredients
-Ready to use, neutral pH
-Preservative free

INCI Name: Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids

Physical Form: Clear to light yellow liquid

Recommended usage: 5% - 50%

Activity: 22.0%-30.0%

pH (10% solution): 7.0-7.2

Price: $3.50
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