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Viamerine 2500

Viamerine 2500

Viamerine 2500® is an exceptional natural emollient that offers skin conditioning, moisturizing, and anti-aging characteristics. Viamerine 2500 can play an integral role in maintaining and improving skin barrier function as well as serving to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Viamerine 2500 provides ultra conditioning benefits in hair care.

Viamerine 2500® is a non-sensitizing, "green" replacement for lanolin, lanolin oil/wax and silicones. Plant-sourced Viamerine 2500® is a polyglyceride of Sunflower Oil that is produced using a patented, Ecocert approved technology. It provides superior emolliency and moisturization and also offers some co-emulsification properties to emulsions.

Viamerine® is the registered trademark of Aldivia s.a.s.

Functional Benefits:
-Maintains or improves skin barrier function
-Imparts skin conditioning & moisturizing benefits
-Hydrates dry & cracked lips and hands
-Provides ultra conditioning for hair and scalp
-Virtually odorless and colorless
-Non-toxic, Non-sensitizing and non-irritating

-Lipsticks and lip care - 5% - 25%
-Skin Treatments - 1% - 5%
-Baby Creams, lotions, oils - 1%- 5%
-Creams and lotions - 1% - 5%
-Hair Care - 0.1% - 5%

INCI Name: Oleic/Linoleic/Linolenic Polyglycerides

Physical Form: Clear, amber, odorless, semi-viscous oil

Solubility: Soluble in oil, not soluble in water

Recommended Usage: 1% - 100%

Price: $50.25
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