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Leucidal Liquid

Leucidal Liquid
Leucidal® Liquid is a natural, plant-based preservative from Active Micro Technologies. Active Micro Technologies combines the current trends for alternative preservative systems with peptide technology.

Leucidal® Liquid is derived from Leuconostoc kimchii, the bacteria that has traditionally been used to make kimchi. This product consists of a peptide that is secreted from the bacteria during the fermentation process that has been shown to have antimicrobial benefits.

Leucidal® Liquid is odorless, non-irritating and compatible with most ingredients.

Leucidal® Liquid does contain salicylates.

Active Micro Technologies utilizes cutting edge biotechnology based on the natural defense mechanisms used by microorganisms to protect themselves. Techniques have been developed to combine the performance of botanical extracts and fermentation products to harness this natural defense mechanism. Natural Preservative - Leucidal® Liquid combines the current trends for alternative preservative systems and peptide technology.

Challenge testing has demonstrated that 2% Leucidal® Liquid in a cream base is able to successfully inhibit microbial growth. Samples were inoculated with S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, C. albicans, A. niger, K. pneumoniae, B. cepacia. Following 28 days of incubation samples were then re-inoculated for an additional 28 days. Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MIC) were determined using a standard agar dilution method. A variety of bacteria and fungus were tested to evaluate the ability of Leucidal Liquid to protect against microbial contamination. The results indicate that Leucidal Liquid can provide effective protection for certain cosmetic systems.

Please note that every personal care formulation requires a preservative system that meets its specific needs. Each formulation should be created with the preservative system as part of the formulation, rather than adding a preservative as an afterthought. Using natural antimicrobials for cosmetic preservation requires careful planning and much testing. Therefore, we recommend that every newly developed formulation should undergo microbial testing to ensure adequate preservation.

Recommended Usage: 2.0% - 4.0%

INCI Name: Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

Solubility: Water soluble

Physical Form: Clear yellow to light amber odorless liquid

pH: 4.0 – 6.0

Product Overview:
-Water Soluble
-Broad spectrum of antibacterial activity
-Low to no irritation potential; very mild
-Heat stable to at least 80C
-Broad pH range (4-10) – most effective at a pH of 6.0 or less
-Easy to use, almost odorless, clear and light colored
-Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.
-Is NOT Compatible with some cationic ingredients such as Cosmocil CQ
-Add to emulsions during cool-down phase to avoid any destabilization issues.

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