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Herbarie Update

Super Summer Sales! Squalane Neossance...Holy Tulsi Basil Hydrosol...Silky Serum Base and more!! Read more here....

Herbarie Update

New! Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract contains a natural, aromatic blend of lipophilic and volatile constituents. Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract has a warm floral scent that is characteristic of the exquisite flower. This naturally scented, emollient botanical extract is suitable for both skin and hair care formulations. Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract is also suitable for aromatherapy.

Jasmine PhytoScented Botanical Extract is oil soluble and can be used in products such as creams, lotions, hair treatment oils, and massage oils.
● Naturally Scented
● Emollient
● Anti-irritant
● Balancing
● All skin types
● Oil Soluble

INCI Name: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Extract

Formulation and Recommended Usage Rate Guidelines:
● Add to oils at 40C or less. For emulsions, add during post-emulsification, during cool-down phase.
● Usage for Facial Products:0.5% - 1%
● Usage for Body Care Products: 0.5% - 3% ************************************************

On Sale Now! Natural, scented Sensique Asian Lily Botanical Extract contains an aromatic blend of lipophilic and volatile botanical constituents. Sensique Asian Lily Botanical Extract has a has a softly exotic ginger lily scent.

Sensiques are naturally scented botanical extracts that work to impart light, fresh scent to cosmetic formulations. In a single ingredient, you get both a fragrance and a botanical extract.

Sensique Asian Lily Scented Botanical Extract can be used in products for skin care or hair care. Sensique Asian Lily Botanical Extract is oil soluble.

Amazing Super Sale Now! Sensique Asian Lily Scented Botanical Extract, Avena Oat Oil, Argan Oil, OenoSilk, Sea Kelp Bioferment, Squalane Neossance, and much more...........!


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Our Sales and Shipping Policies have recently been updated. We now ship all orders via UPS. We are no longer shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS). We do not ship orders outside the USA or Canada.

For more information, please read: Sales and Shipping Policies


Sensique Goji Berry! Natural, scented Sensique Goji Berry Botanical Extract contains an aromatic blend of lipophilic and volatile botanical constituents. Sensique Goji Berry Botanical Extract has a fresh, berry scent with a touch of citrus.

Sensiques are naturally scented botanical extracts that work to impart light, fresh scent to cosmetic formulations. In a single ingredient, you get both a fragrance and a botanical extract.

Sensique Goji Berry Botanical Extract can be used in products for skin care or hair care. Sensique Goji Berry Botanical Extract is oil soluble.

Sensique Goji Berry!

Scented Botanical Extract!


Be sure to visit our New Products and our New Pricing and Special Sales pages for SUPER SALES and great deals on closeouts as well as new inventory!

New products include:
● Cera Bellina
● Sunflower Wax
● Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier
● Viamerine 2500


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We have been practicing organic standards for years and are in transition to receive our NOP certification. You can rest assured that The Herbarie roses and other botanicals are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Visit our Stoney Hill Farm page and our Blog to see pictures of our roses and other flora and fauna around the farm.

The Herbarie Hydrosols are excellent for use in skin care and hair care formulations and are fine to use directly on skin.

Our 2013 Hydrosols are all preserved with natural source preservative - Leucidal Liquid or Leucidal Liquid SF.

Visit our product page for more information: Herbarie Hydrosols


NEW - Reformulated - In Stock Now!


All Natural PlantaEm™ is perfect for making clear, dispersible bath oil blends, facial cleansers, and make-up removers.

PlantaEm™ is made from the esters of glycerin and fatty acids and is best described as a Polyglycerol Ester. Polyglycerol Esters have been utilized as emulsifiers in the food industry for many years. Only within the last few years have these plant-based emulsifiers been recognized in the personal care industry. Multifunctional Polyglycerol Esters are very gentle, completely biodegradable and PEG-free - a perfect fit for natural skin or hair care!

PlantaEm™ offers unique emulsification and conditioning characteristics and is good for skin! PlantaEm can also be used as a co-emulsifier for creams and lotions, baby products and products for sensitive skin.



Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier

Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier is naturally derived from olive oil and forms very fine, stable emulsions. This elegant self-emulsifier is compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic and active ingredients and also can be used over a wide pH range (3 to 12). Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier is an excellent choice for sensitive and delicate skin. We recommend Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier for making lovely skin care serums, silky moisturizing creams, or skin softening lotions.

Suggested Applications:
● Daily Moisturizers
● Night Creams
● Eye Creams
● Products for Sensitive Skin
● After-sun Creams and Lotions
● Baby care Creams and Lotions
● Hair conditioning creams

Recommended Usage:
● Medium to High Viscosity Lotions and Creams: 5.0% - 7.0%
● Medium to Low Viscosity Lotions and Serums: 3.0% - 5.0%
● Olivoil Glutamate Emulsifier can be also be used from 5.0%-7.0% with 1-2% fatty alcohol to make medium to high viscosity creams and lotions.
● Water Phase thickeners such as XanThix, HEC, UltraMaize can be used to increase viscosity and build body and stability.
● Completely Biodegradable
● Non-ethoxylated
● High Compatibility with Range of Ingredients
● Forms Smooth, Stable Emulsions
● Forms Liquid Crystal Structure For Outstanding Silky Skin Feel
● Perfectly compatible with Leucidal Liquid SF, Leucidal Advanced Aloe, Leucidal Advanced Bamboo
● Not compatible with Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (PB MicroCide)

INCI Name: Sodium Olivoyl Glutamate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Glyceryl Stearate

****************************** !

NEW! Chia Seed CO2 Extract

Chia Seed CO2 Extract contains all lipophilic components extracted from the seeds of Salvia hispanica, using pure and environmentally friendly supercritical fluid (natural Carbon Dioxide) extraction technique.

Chia Seed CO2 Extract is unique as it contains the highest concentration vegetarian source omega-3 linolenic acid. These high concentrations of alpha linolenic acid help both skin and hair to maintain moisture.

In addition to moisturization, Chia Seed CO2 Extract promotes skin elasticity and can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Nutrient-rich Chia Seed CO2 Extract offers skin smoothing characteristics leading to soft, silky and healthy skin.

Chia Seed CO2 Extract can also be used for effective moisturization in hair and scalp formulations.

Chia Seed CO2 Extract is recommended for use in moisturizing creams and lotions, anti-aging formulations, hair and scalp treatment formulations, and formulations for dry or chapped skin.


The Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System is a ready-to-use, finished cream base specifically designed for additional ingredients.

This emollient, unscented cream is the perfect carrier for active ingredients - such as anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants. Now you can customize your own product to suit your own individual needs. You may also use this lovely cream as it is supplied, with no additions.

The Herbarie PhytoEmulsion System is an elegant, creamy blend of natural ingredients -- Organic Rose Hydrosol, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E and our nutrient-rich Botanical Complex LSC containing Chamomile, Calendula, Elder Flower, Willow Bark, Red Clover and Rose.


We are certified by the USDA NOP as Handler/Processor. We are proud of our Organic Certification! We are also proud members of The Organic Trade Association and The Natural Product Association.

Our USDA NOP Organic Certification as Handler/Processor is provided through the Dept. of Plant Industry of Clemson University.


The Herbarie will continue to add exciting natural, renewable-source, biodegradable products to our inventory.

As always, our mission at The Herbarie is to bring nature and science together to offer the best in innovative, natural, and environmentally friendly products.

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Please try our new Rose Silk Cream, Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot and Artemisia Moon Cream formulas featuring our natural emulsification system, rich oils and butters:
PDF  Rose Silk Cream
PDF  Naturally Good Lotion with Melissa & Bergamot
PDF  Artemisia Moon Cream

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